those people are friggin turds NSFW

2021.09.16 22:57 Bear0nACouch those people are friggin turds NSFW

The other night I visited a bar. This bar has had the same owner for as long as I've known it and I started coming when I was 21. For over a decade the owners and I have known each other on a first name basis. It's in a sketchy part of town, but it's a cozy little joint, with two pool tables a Foosball table , and a shared dance floor Dartboard area. (How could that go wrong.) Whole time I've ever been there is usually empty. Six or seven customers max. Seen one game of darts. Like ever. Anyways, I digress, Last night was random, first in nearly four years. Just to visit there for old times sake. I decide to have a couple coronas, and play a couple songs on the juskebox. I notice a dude and a very attractive young girl. There is an obvious age gap between dude and chick. Dude is like 50, she looks too young, but is of age and they come up to bar. The guy seems cool, at first but as he talks about the chick he's with she is his ride home from the bar. He then says probably bailing on their date when he notices she disappeared. I go out to grab something out of my car and she is standing there, apparently using her phone leaning against the building in front of my car. It starts to rain. I say hello and mention to her that the guy inside is looking for her. She looks nervous and says yeah I don't know him and I don't feel right. I ask if she needs a ride. She says that she has her car and will drive home. I notice she is in no state to drive as she says she is quite impaired. She says she said she worries there might have been something in her drink. She then says she is uncomfortable with the dude and his friends at the bar. To which she was talking for a bit before she went outside after her drink. She says the guy asked her out that day because she backed into his car and he said he wouldn't file an insurance claim on the nonexistent damage to his car, allegedly, if she went out for drinks with him. I ask her if she should call police, or if she needed a ride to the E.R. She says she doest feel liked she needed to do anything because she "might be just imagining because, when he ordered it for me, he said to- give her the usual". I tell her that I am more tha. Willing to help her if she felt unsafe, that she didn't need to worry I would help her. She is sitting in my car with me in the rain at this point and I look up and see the dude standing in front of my car looking off out into the parking lot covering his head with his hand like he was looking for a lost ship at sea or some shit. She immediately starts to freak out and jump out of my car to tell the dude she was in my car. I stop her halfway, and he sees the door open. He focuses his gaze to her quickly to her with a reptilian, velociraptor like movement (wut_LMAO). She looks at him but says she doesn't know what to do. I tell her, "First of all, you are going to do whatever the hell you want to. If you want to hang out and play pool or leave. I've got your back." She asks me, are you leaving? I tell her that I won't leave her there unless she let's me know she'll be alright. She goes to play pool with the dude and invites me to their table and I can she the guy realizing that his creep is showing.. his weird game he was trying is up. I figure she'll sober up and drive home because the alternative, 50yo former Cali creeper, or big scary looking tatted guy that u just met right? I get her water. She is clearly not improving. It's last call and they ( Dude and his friends, an older couple who apparently just wed in Vegas quite recently) begin to get loud. I tell her I'm leaving and she wants to go with me then I will happily escort her out. The dude cuts me off, "he says as a matter of factly I can drive her home to his house. She says no she is going home and she will drive herself. He points out shes drunk. At this point the lady is getting real grabby with the chick and apparently while I was focused on the old dude proclaiming he would be taking the young girl home because he had "dibs" , the older woman flashed her boobs to the young girl and every one else at the bar.(my back was turned, disrespectful titties ) She grabs the girl by the wrist, and says to her the she (the chick)has to go with her ( older woman) to the bathroom. Just out of earshot of myself, idk what is happening, and I see them going to the bathroom and I get up and walk towards her because she looks at me and mouths "I don't know". I get to the. As they are approaching the ladies room and ask the girl if she is ok. The older woman steps in front of her and pushes her into the bathroom as she says she's fine in a drunken slurred voice and slam the door shut behind her. I of course did not see what happened behind the door because the chick's husband ( who's is not at all an imposing looking dude) steps in front of the door. Naturally saying his wife is in there. I immediately call shenanigans and that they (the staff ) need to open the door and see that she is alright. I did not see it, but the girl said the woman demanded she show her books to her and that she grabbed her wrists and shirt to try to expose her breasts herself. At this point she managed to open the door and step out. The woman was still holding her hand. She turned and said to the lady with a fucked up scared looking half smile nervous laugh she was going home and she was leaving without the lady. She tried to pull away and I guess the lady and the two older guys started saying something to her about me as they steer her out the back door as I go out the front. I imagine they are trying to get her to ride with them as I walk around to the parking lot. She walks straight over to my whip and hops in. Long story short I took her to waffle house and then drove in my car that is,,took her back to her car ( after the dude old guy followed us for like 20 mins. and she made it home safe. She asked me why I helped her, why was I so cool? And thanks for not being a creep. I just told her it was the right thing to do and I shouldn't be thanked for doing what should be happening already everywhere, and that is people being good to each other instead of being terrible pieces of shit.
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2021.09.16 22:57 Smeerpijp69 Azelf on me - 4788 0899 8705

Be online
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2021.09.16 22:57 srry_didnt_hear_you [Schneidman] “Janis over Adams, hashtag it, I remember that. Shoutout to Jeff.”

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2021.09.16 22:57 Ambrilyn i just got this is that good I started playing a few days ago and got that 😲

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2021.09.16 22:57 Rlegg101 Commissioner veto. Was I in the right to veto this on a first year dynasty league, eight man.

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2021.09.16 22:57 bumblebeeofficial Anyone have experience using EXTERNAL setting on TD-30 metronome?

I can't seem to get it to sync with my DAW, it plays the correct tempo but they don't start in sync, and it's a random starting point everytime. Furthermore it switches to 15/16 automatically on the screen but doesn't play that tempo from the master out. Anyone know why this is happening?
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2021.09.16 22:57 Zoria_is_a_dorito Hi, just joined the subreddit, so have an old drawing of scarlet

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2021.09.16 22:57 BRANDONde2 Wwe fans link

Brandon you is a wwe crack head
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2021.09.16 22:57 HasWetSocksOn Europa League: AS Monaco 1-0 SK Sturm Graz

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2021.09.16 22:57 Shadow_Assassin23 How to calculate ppm of a NaCl water solution using a probe that detects conductivity using Voltage?

I know that more Salt content in the water increases conductivity but don’t know how to derive an accurate count. Thanks!
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2021.09.16 22:57 deimos_z Any idea of when Celsius will reopen for WA state in US?

I could find no information about it.
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2021.09.16 22:57 cthulhubabe Just FYI

I was almost scammed by a fake job. Whoever is doing this did a REALLY good job of covering their bases. Both my husband and I are usually pretty good at spotting scams, they almost got us this time (thankfully we figured it out in time). They used a real business and spoofed their info. The only way I found out about it was by calling the real business.
Here were the subtle red flags: -If THEY reach out to YOU (which is not necessarily an immediate red flag--I have been reached out to before by legit offers) -If your interview(s) is/are NEVER face-to-face (mine was via email) -If their email ends with gmail, that might be fake (might not be, many businesses do use gmail) -They contact you with an email you did not give them -They offer more than originally listed or more than the national average
So, if you're ever in doubt, just call or message the business you KNOW is real.
Also, does anybody have any newsletters or anything I can spam them with? I've already signed them up for a few things--including and 😂
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2021.09.16 22:57 Alli_Etc I’ve been gifted this plant with significant history. It originally came from the Netherlands and was taken as a memento of home by someone fleeing the Nazis during WWII. It has been propagated and passed down for 4 generations, but no one knows what it is. Any ideas?

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2021.09.16 22:57 KimJungFun99 After weeks of moving around just decided to track down the package myself

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2021.09.16 22:57 jerome_ak Did you know? *social darwinism*

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2021.09.16 22:57 Im-known-as-ugh Adding 1/2 beak platinum gar, ember tetra and pgmy Cory to a 10 gallon tank is this too much...more details in post.

I have a 10 gallon tank currently running an aqua clear 30(with a black foam baffle on the out take to reduce flow) and a sponge filter in my mature planted shrimp tank. I was wanting to get a half-beak platinum gar, 6 ember tetras and maybe 6 pygmy corydoras. I'm not worried about water quality because my tank is over filtered as I also do a 20%wc once a week. What I am worries about is if they will all have their own appropriate amount of space to prevent any type of aggression. I thought with the 1/2 beak as a top swimmer embers as a middle and corys as a bottom they won't really interact with each other and can utilize the space fully. I do know some people say the pgmy need a min of 15 but I've also hear alot of pgmy owner say 10 is just fine. But in the end it's not a deal breaker for me to not have them in my tank but if other have done it and had great success then I will have it in my consideration of adding them. Please thoughts and opinions on my possible stocking option (respectfully please)
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2021.09.16 22:57 magerize1 The Proper Formatting

Hey guys. I am currently writing a pilot and in my show I have my main character in a therapist session reflecting on events that happened to him 3 days before. I switch the scene setting from the the therapy session, to the events that happened 3 days prior as the main character reflects on them. I do this about 3 times, and was wondering if I need to mark the scenes as continuous since the flashbacks are happening at the same time the character is relaying the events to the therapist.

If anyone knows what I'm trying to do and has some advice please let me know.
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