A .000000124% chance?

2021.09.17 00:40 playthroughs4you A .000000124% chance?

I just opened a solo crate at Wintertodt on my uim and it contained 2 tomes of fire, a pyro garb and a torch. I just wanted to double check my math because that seems insane. I did (1/1000)x(1/1000)x(1/150)x(1/150)x28. 1/1000 for each tome, 1/150 for the garb and 1/150 for the torch. the x28 was for the number of rolls the crate had. Which came out to a .000000124 chance. Let me know what you think!
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2021.09.17 00:40 HelicopterCivil1079 Doge Vaccine 🔥 Fairlaunch Today With Trusted Doxxed Dev Team - Holders Rewarded With 8% BUSD

Doge Vaccine is a new invention created to maintain the Doge ecosystem. Our product and our token will allow you to earn without any effort, and will not take up your time. Follow $DOGEVAC and enjoy the rewards of the game and the token. We use Binance Smart Chain for all transactions and exchanges. Don't miss your chance to join the best community. There were no such generous projects before us. Stay with us to earn money!

Thanks to our reflections, BUSD rewards will come to you in the form of passive income, after each transaction. Hold $DOGEVAC and earn money in a decentralized way. No minimum! Everything is very fair!

🔥 🦠Doge Vaccine 🦠🔥

New invention created to restore the Doge ecosystem , holders of $DOGEVAC will be greatly rewarded with 8% BUSD


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000


BUY /SELL Tax 10%

💵8% BUSD rewards per 1 hour

💎1% for LP

💻1% Marketing
Contract: 0x4b0d2db10858cd665113b50d85990eabd265556f
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x4b0d2db10858cd665113b50d85990eabd265556f
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xAA7738D8812e002fDe919E1848b478B8530b2791
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x4b0d2db10858cd665113b50d85990eabd265556f#readContract
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2021.09.17 00:40 onewayout563 Astro a50 on ps5

Do I NEED the adapter for the ps5 or does it just give me more options? What exactly does the adapter do? I read that it allows you to adjust game/chat mix separately. Is that all it does or will the headset sound like shit if I don’t get the adapter?
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2021.09.17 00:40 Rodzomb Where y’all from?

s/o the international folk, comment
View Poll
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2021.09.17 00:40 PCisLame Gay Don Lemon ironically calls for segregation in America, says unvaccinated people should be 'shunned' or 'left behind'

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2021.09.17 00:40 onesexz Ready to go!

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2021.09.17 00:40 Jedi_Drop_Out Any ideas for an alignment based dungeon?

Title. I’ve got puzzles and mechanics for the Good - Evil spectrum, and for Lawful. Looking for any ideas or suggestions for Neutral and Chaos that play off the core themes of the alignments.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.17 00:40 KeenEyeglass321 Billboard to go up in just 2-4 more days! :D

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2021.09.17 00:40 TeaAccomplished508 🌍🚀 BETIX 100x Potential [3 days old] [30k$ market cap] [Up 600% last 24h] 🚀

🌍BETIX is a newly released token on the BSC Mainnet that is planning to revolutionize crypto betting. BETIX app that will be available on Android/iOS will have multiple betting options as well as Texas Hold 'em Poker using our native BETIX Token.
🚀 BETIX 100x Potential [3 days old] [30k$ market cap] [Up 600% last 24h] 🚀
BETIX is a deflationary cryptocurrency:
🔥 2% of tokens are burned
💎 3% of tokens are redistributed
💎 5% of tokens go back into the Liquidity Pool
🚀 1,000,000,000,000 supply
✅ Liquidity has been locked
✅ Verified contract on BSC Scan
✅ Huge marketing campaign
💎 Less than 100 holders at the moment
💎 Weekly giveaways and charity donations
💎 700% up in the last 24 hours, about to go parabolic
You can find more information about BETIX on the links below, as well as the direct link to buy it on Pancake Swap.
🌈 BUY HERE: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xa9b3b40788206bfdbd8a1474b3991a006fad681a
🌈Contract: 0xa9b3b40788206bfdbd8a1474b3991a006fad681a
🌈 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xa9b3b40788206bfdbd8a1474b3991a006fad681a#readContract
🔒 100% LP LOCKED
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2021.09.17 00:40 badassboy1 Multiple incarnations ?

Can a constellation have multiple incarnations , cuz I am chapter 120 of webnovel and I still haven't seen any constellations with multiple incarnations but since kim dokja is receiving sponsorship offers from constellations with incarnations (demon-like judge of fire) I am guessing it is possible but if it is possible why don't constellations get more than one incarnation and why did constellations get crazy over kim dokja when he get shin yoosung as incarnation cuz it's not like she was that valued at that time as there were only two constellations interested in her
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2021.09.17 00:40 TrendingBot [Mildly Trending] /r/SocialJusticeInAction - SocialJusticeInAction (+202 subscribers today; 183% trend score)

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2021.09.17 00:40 misty1394 Am I getting ripped off?

My airbag light (on 2014 Tiguan) was on so I went to the dealership, who said I needed my driver’s side airbag replaced. They replaced it and said that didn’t fix the light, and they needed to replace the compressor. The compressor was covered under an extended warranty as I guess this is a common problem.
Now they are saying I still need to pay $1000 for the airbag. I said you can just replace the old airbag if that wasn’t the problem…basically: why am I paying for the airbag if that wasn’t setting off the light. They said “both needed to be replaced.” Am I getting ripped off? Should I refuse to pay for the airbag?
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2021.09.17 00:40 ANewHeaven1 Masters 3 Berlin - Top Players at the end of Group Stage play

Masters 3 Berlin stats at the end of the group stage:
All stats are from vlr.gg
Top ACS:
NV yay - 291.3 ACS
VK heat - 280.3 ACS
SEN TenZ - 279.0 ACS
100T Asuna - 270.6 ACS
Acend cNed - 262.1 ACS
GMB nAts - 255.9 ACS
G2 nukkye - 251.5 ACS
ZETA Laz - 248.6 ACS
VS BuZz - 247.3 ACS
Acend zeek - 246.9 ACS
Notes: Almost all players listed are duelist players, GMB nAts being the notable exception. Top 5 players are also all primarily Jett players.
Top K/D Ratios: (not including TenZ)
VS Rb - 1.64 K/D
NV yay - 1.53 K/D
VS MaKo - 1.53 K/D
GMB Sheydos - 1.50 K/D
SEN TenZ - 1.46 K/D
GMB nAts - 1.43 K/D
NV Crashies - 1.42 K/D
VK heat - 1.38 K/D
G2 nukkye - 1.38 K/D
Acend cNed - 1.30 K/D
Notes: More initiator playres (Rb, Crashies) on this list, but still primarily dominated by duelists. VS MaKo and GMB nAts are the two non-duelist/intiator players on this list.
First Kills Per Round (not including TenZ)
VS BuZz - 0.26 FKPR
PRX f0rsakeN - 0.24 FKPR
VK heat - 0.23 FKPR
100T Asuna - 0.23 FKPR
NV yay - 0.22 FKPR
F4Q Bunny - 0.21 FKPR
KRU NagZ - 0.21 FKPR
Acend zeek - 0.19 FKPR
GMB d3ffo - 0.19 FKPR
SMB Izzy - 0.19 FKPR
Notes: Almost all primariliy Jett players, Acend zeek and F4Q Bunny being the exceptions.
Headshot %
HL Myssen - 45% HS
Zeta Laz - 34% HS
G2 keloqz - 33% HS
F4Q Esperanza - 33% HS
SMB pAura - 33% HS
Acend BONECOLD - 33% HS
GMB nAts - 31% HS
NV Crashies - 31% HS
PRX f0rsakeN - 31% HS
SMB Brave - 31% HS
GMB Redgar - 31% HS
SMB Turko - 31% HS
Notes: This stat means almost nothing.
Clutch %
NV Victor - 50% (1/2) LOL
100T Hiko - 42% (8/19)
KRU Mazino - 36% (4/11)
100T Ethan - 33% (1/3)
Zeta Reita - 33% (1/3)
Acend zeek - 29% (4/14)
HL liazzi - 29% (4/14)
G2 nukkye - 26% (5/19)
100T steel - 25% (2/8)
F4Q Efina - 25% (3/12)
VK JhoW - 25% (3/12)
Notes: Hiko has by far the most clutches won, no one else is even close.
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2021.09.17 00:40 Weezy-NJPW_Fan BREAKING: @WWERomanReigns will battle @BrockLesnar at #WWECrownJewel on Oct. 21! Will the #UniversalTitle be on the line following Reigns' match with #TheDemon @FinnBalor at #ExtremeRules? ms.spr.ly/6019XpD5x

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2021.09.17 00:40 FaculitoElBot Así se ve el canal de bana en un Internet público

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2021.09.17 00:40 JamalMurraySZN John Isaac to the Mavs

Mavs Get: John Isaac, Mo Bamba
Magic Get: Maxi Kleber, Jahlil Okafor, 1 FRP
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2021.09.17 00:40 Username_Haoto Are Grace Notes' stems always facing the other way of its associated note?

Hopefully, I English'ed the title correctly..
I never thought of this before, so I got curious and decided to Google images of Acciaccatura(s) & Appoggiatura(s). Now I'm anxious because I saw the Grace Notes' stems being the opposite of its associated note...
Image : https://imgur.com/UEtBj7L Ignore the notes. I'm just paranoid.
I'm making a piano arrangement, this is what I'm working on. So, I think it makes sense for its stem to be facing the same way as the Voice it's in. But I just had to make sure if this is how it's normally done, for more simple / less complicated situations...
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2021.09.17 00:40 Livinghumanlifeform I was wondering if anyone can help with this and how to prevent it?

I was sitting in my tub, just turned off the shower and I decided to sit down for a second in the tub. I was scrolling through pictures of ferrets then sent a meme to my friend. I think I put my phone down? I don’t remember properly. Anyways I ended up leaning against the back of the tub curled. My eyes were open, my mind and basically whole head was all fuzzy, buzzing basically. The feeling you get when you get an electric shock except in your whole head. My vision was turning black and it looked like that of a static on TV except much more darker(I had my eyes wide open, felt them open) and all I heard was fuzzy static sounds. It stayed like that for a good second or two I think. The only reason I snapped out was because my dad yelled to check on me if I was alright. For a second I didn’t know where I was or what I was doing previously. I had this happen before in the past
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2021.09.17 00:40 1hacker4chan Report post

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2021.09.17 00:40 RushinRusha I've noticed that the second pistol of akimbo 50s only shows up in zombies lobby, but not in BR. Left hand isn't holding a helmet or doing anything, so what gives?

I've noticed that the second pistol of akimbo 50s only shows up in zombies lobby, but not in BR. Left hand isn't holding a helmet or doing anything, so what gives? submitted by RushinRusha to CallOfDutyMobile [link] [comments]

2021.09.17 00:40 Isabela_duffles [FOR HIRE] Icon/Token commissions, dm me for more information

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2021.09.17 00:40 albanian-bolsheviki1 Why are the liberals backing the Russian Communists?

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2021.09.17 00:40 SolanaPandas Solana Cute Pandas!

Solana Cute Pandas and the Metajungle: Become a Panda Parent today 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼
Hey, fam! Solana Cute Pandas is a project that we've been passionate about. All the pandas on Solana currently are too aggressive and don't fit in with the kind cuddly nature of the pandas.
Website: Coming Soon
Discord: https://discord.gg/x89Z3nYa
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SolanaPandas
MINTING on 9/23/21 at 11:59 PM UTC.
COUNT? 4040 unique generative cute and cuddly NFTs. Pandas are dangerously endangered and they must get the support they need in the world.
Long-term vision: Our longer-term vision is to have an online community wherein various cities around the world owners of the mint that participate in our discord are invited to parties where they can meet their fellow Panda Parents.
We love Pandas so much and we want you to as well!
🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼 🐼

One of our cuties in the wild :)
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2021.09.17 00:40 Grouchy_Code_4025 Case with no screws where can I buy some?

So I bought a case on eBay and I thought it came with screws for all the parts but it doesn’t have most of them.. is there a place where I can buy screws for all the parts like motherboard screws etc.. thanks!
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2021.09.17 00:40 Fickle_Anteater6967 🧞‍♀️ Genie Token Launch today x100 Pancakeswap v2

Fate has brought you and genie together. Genie will now be your guide through this journey together on the search for financial freedom, she knows the adventure ahead will not be easy as there are terrible creatures in the crypto world, these creatures are known as fudders, honeypots and worst of all…..Rug pulls!
Genie will do everything in her power to keep you by her side and stay away from the ghastly creatures. Genie has a few tricks up her sleeves to achieve this, she will cross your palm with BNB for staying by her side and HODLING, but that’s not all……within genies lamp she has a secret, when the BUYS, VOLUME and belief is high, her magic lamp will fill up with BNB and randomly drop them into a believer’s wallet…. MAGIC!
Genie will always have your back no matter how crazy it gets in the crypto world!
But for this to work and make the quest easier….
BUY - Buy your genie tokens from a supported platform (min 200 million tokens required for BNB rewards and for the lottery)
HODL - It can be scary with these perilous creatures, but genie will look after you so hold those tokens tight. (min 200 million tokens required for BNB rewards and for the lottery)
SUPPORT - Shill, vote and engage in the community this will make the magic stronger
💰Supply -50T💰
🤑Tokenomics Buy/Sell:
3% Marketing & Development
2% Liquidity
1% Lottery In BNB
Automatic payouts for random holders
(To get rewards and enter buyer needs to hold 200,000,000 million tokens)
🔥Manual burns🔥
🤓Ability to change max tx and max wallet holdings🤓
👾Classic arcade games,NFTS and wallet, trading card game……..much more planned👾
🏆Giveaways and competitions🏆
🚀Contract: 0xdb472e025ed36955283175ee23e53793d7471926
🚀Pancakeswap : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xdb472e025ed36955283175ee23e53793d7471926
🚀 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xdb472e025ed36955283175ee23e53793d7471926#readContrac
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