Anyone know which episode Tim & Christine first reacted to this Creep Show? He was some pick-up artist "expert"

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2021.10.19 23:54 ThePerfectMachine Anyone know which episode Tim & Christine first reacted to this Creep Show? He was some pick-up artist "expert"

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2021.10.19 23:54 Zenress Prioritizing

I’m wondering if i’m the only one who struggles with making time for all the things i want to do. While it sounds silly, i have a hard time finding time in a day to watch anime, read manga, play games and play gachagames.
Those 4 are also the ones i have shrunk it down to after considerably shrinking it
Any ideas to what to do about it? I’m open for suggestions
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2021.10.19 23:54 Murky-Librarian-7547 Will jmd wixxen

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2021.10.19 23:54 gamedevjobber Wisp Projector

I want to get my hands on 2 of these, anybody know what they are worth right now on softcore? I have no idea if its ultra rare or what
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2021.10.19 23:54 FlatDullEarth [WTS] 30MM Scalarworks 1.57 Height Mount [OR]

Things in really great condition, barely used just trying something else out. This is the mount to have. $350 shipped and insured.
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2021.10.19 23:53 popcnt1988 [POSITIVE] for /u/Onlyforcoins [buyer]

Very good buyer. Would recommend.
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2021.10.19 23:53 formula_F300 Wait what are those sheep doing idoor--oh

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2021.10.19 23:53 Big-Care3420 5 Pack Foam RIP Graveyard Tombstones Halloween Decorations {EXPIRES 10/25} [COUPON: WAHMYUT4] (50%OFF) - $10.49

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2021.10.19 23:53 hopefairy How to brew a greener beer

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2021.10.19 23:53 dnartsy [FOR HIRE] 1 open commission slot like this at 30USD! More info's below!

[FOR HIRE] 1 open commission slot like this at 30USD! More info's below! submitted by dnartsy to artstore [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 23:53 my_psychosis is it normal to feel sick after eating?

for some reason lately, i've been struggling with eating. i've lost 3-5 kg in the last 2 and a half weeks and i'm usually unable to eat as much as i used to. after eating anything (it doesn't matter if it's a cookie, an apple or pasta or anything really even thought it's something i love) i feel sick. i feel like i'm going to throw up even though i don't and sometimes i get stomach aches too. i'm too scared to tell anyone this though. is it normal?
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2021.10.19 23:53 life_customized Frankenstein's franken-strange. 🎃

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2021.10.19 23:53 Ciggytardust1 I need help with a bad tail light on my R32 Mk4.

All of my lights work--except my driver's side tail light. I changed the bulb. Nothing. I took the bulb holder assembly out and cleaned the contacts. Nothing. The fuse I presume is okay because both tail lights are connected to a single fuse and I have one working tail light.
What's next? It's driving me nuts.
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2021.10.19 23:53 serialpigeonrapist Got a kinda noob question about locker

Sometimes there is a long trail of fire almost like it’s from a flame thrower or something and when i die to it it says “killed in action” so I’m assuming it’s not from a player.
So wht is it?
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2021.10.19 23:53 Educational_Cause_56 Profile Evaluation for first generation Grad Student

Hello all
I would really appreciate some candid feedback about my chances of getting into graduate school. I want to be realistic about my options here because it is going to be about of pocket. The goal is a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling OR Human Development and Counseling to become a LMHC. (MA or MEd)
I go to a public state school in my home state. 3.693/4 GPA, presidents list (4.0) for the last two semesters.
I am in a scholarship program that is directly below the honors college and I have a state lottery scholarship from my class ranking in high school.
My major is Global Studies but i minored in Education and Psychology. I have 4 LORs secured from 3 PhD professors & 1 elementary school teacher.
I am bilingual, work as a tour guide at my university, interned for the Attorney General, and am training to be a board certified behavioral therapist and take on a case load next semester while finished undergrad.
I am applying to 2 reach schools & 3 moderate schools. I don’t really know what “safe” would be because I’m going out of state for sure. I want to go somewhere prestigious for my Master’s otherwise I don’t see why it’s worth it. (Columbia, Boston U, Boston College, Vanderbilt, UT Austin, Fordham)
Please help! I have no experience with this whatsoever and I’m not really sure if there is a point in applying without research experience.
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2021.10.19 23:53 Goy_slinger3000 [THEORY] Travis is an immortal being

My evidence for this is that in the memory lounger searching Kellogg's memory you can hear his voice on a radio despite the fact that this memory in particular was around 50 years before the events of the game and Travis appearing to be around 20
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2021.10.19 23:53 Bundarman Petrol, diesel prices hiked in Delhi, Mumbai

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2021.10.19 23:53 burgemh The Stage: my ink on a bristle simulation mapped onto a circle infused flow field.

The Stage: my ink on a bristle simulation mapped onto a circle infused flow field. submitted by burgemh to generative [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 23:53 reddit_feed_bot DailyCaller: Shocker: Authorities in the Socialist paradise of Cuba are reportedly beating demonstrators that took to the streets to protest over the summer.

DailyCaller: Shocker: Authorities in the Socialist paradise of Cuba are reportedly beating demonstrators that took to the streets to protest over the summer. submitted by reddit_feed_bot to TheTwitterFeed [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 23:53 DeliciousTie55 H: legacies, high end rolls and rare apparel W: legacy for legacy or high end fixers or q25ffr15rl/25 tesla rifle I will bundle (no gauss rifles or harpoons)

I want a legacy for a legacy. I like gat plasmas, flamers and non-ult laser rifles for legacy weapons. If needed I can bundle.
These are the weapons I have below.
Aae90rw gat plasma
Aae15rl Gatling laser
Aae1a ult laser rifle
Be1p radium rifle
Be90rw cryo
Be1p gat plasma
De15v ult laser rifle
De15rl Gatling gun
De fms flamer
ExecE1p non-ult laser rifle
Qe radium rifle (2 star)
Tse flamer (2 star)
Ve1a harpoon
High end rolls
Aa25ffr90rw .50 cal
Aa50c25 fixer
Aa25ffr15v fixer
Aae50bs fixer
Aass1s meat hook
AsE25 fixer
Be25 fixer
B25ffr25 handmade
B50b90rw minigun
B25ffr15rl lmg
B25ffr15rl gatling plasma
Bss1s bear arm
Bss1s meat hook
H50c25 handmade
J25ffr90rw fixer
Je25 black powder rifle
N25ffr15rl handmade
Q50c15rl fixer
Q25ffr25 fixer
Qe25 fixer
Qe15rl double barrel
Trob50c25 fixer
Ts50c25 fixer
Ts50vhc25 fixer
Ts25ffr15rl fixer
Ts50vhc25 handmade
Ts25ffr25 combat rifle
Ts50c25 railway rifle
V25ffr90rw Gatling plasma
V50c25 grenade launcher
V50c25 fixer
V25ffr15c fixer
V50c25 radium rifle
Armor Sets
Bol/ap/sent heavy leather set
Uny/ap/htd heavy leather set
Asylum outfits (blue, brown, green, pink, forest)
Blood eagle set (x2)
BOS jumpsuit (x2)
Fasnacht Brahmin mask (x2)
Fasnacht buffoon mask
Fasnacht crazy guy mask
Fasnacht demon mask
Fasnacht Deathclaw mask
Fasnacht raven mask (x2)
Fasnacht winterman mask (x2)
Garrhan set
Grafton monster mask
Hunters long coat
Jacko pant suit
Jacko short suit
Leather coat (x3)
Longshoreman outfit
Reclaimed deep mining gas mask
Straight jacket clean
Traveling leather coat
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2021.10.19 23:53 aqua_zesty_man Add mud rasslin'!

There's always room for more sports in Minecraft!
Right now we got:

So what's missin'? Well, RASSLIN', of course!
How the heck are we gonna do mud rasslin' in Minecraft??? Well, glad you asked!
All you need to do is give players the ability to make grappling attacks by right clicking on another player or mob, while both of you are standing on mud blocks and the attacking player has no items equipped in either hand.
If both players/mobs are trying to grapple, then whoever's grapple goes off first, wins. If you are wearing armor, your grappling attack is delayed by a slight amount depending on the total amount of armor points you have--but it also gives your opponent a slight chance of grappling failure.
When you right-click on an enemy unarmored player, your chance to make a grapple attack (meaning you now have a hold on them) is 95%. Armor reduces this amount by 2% per armor point (up to a penalty of 40%).
On the other hand, every armor point you're wearing delays your grappling attack by 1 tick per armor point (to a max of 20 ticks).
Minecraft would be SO MUCH MORE FUN if you could do this.
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2021.10.19 23:53 ShadowCreekSD Trying to guess the meta in the new patches and I don't see anything worthy of S tier anymore

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2021.10.19 23:53 NipponRadiation Ham with hot sauce, lemon and Italian spices.

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2021.10.19 23:53 Additional-Data7419 Guys I think coddit is broke

Abe pls fix
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2021.10.19 23:53 omicronal KIN 4161

Has anyone taken the Open Entry Course: KIN 4161 Occupational Biomechanics. PM or comment if you have, I'd love to hear more about this course. It's appreciated.
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