Warning: Unknown DOM property class. Did you mean className?

2021.10.20 01:30 code_hunter_cc Warning: Unknown DOM property class. Did you mean className?

I've just started exploring React, by adding a component with a simple render function:
render() { return

} When I run the app, I get the following error:
Warning: Unknown DOM property class. Did you mean className? I can solve this by changing class to className.
The question is; does React enforce this convention? Also why do I need to use className instead of the conventional class? If this is a restriction then is it due to JSX syntax or somewhere else?
Answer link : https://codehunter.cc/a/reactjs/warning-unknown-dom-property-class-did-you-mean-classname
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2021.10.20 01:30 ss_818 My book is missing a chunk??

So this is very weird and i’m wondering if maybe this is just some weird misprint or if anyone else has encountered a book like this?? So i’ve been reading Serpent and Dove and i got to page 280 but instead of the next page being 281 its 185… like it actually skipped back to earlier in the book, i check my real page 185 and it’s the exact same page, then i realized it’s not just page 185 that’s duplicated, right in the middle of the book are pages 185 to 248 where they shouldn’t be. It should be pages 281 to 344 but those pages (281-344) don’t exist in my book… i checked. It seems to pick back up on page 345 and proceeds as normal. I thought this was extremely weird as i’m literally missing a chunk on my book and it’s replaced with earlier chapters. I was wondering if maybe there was an error with a certain print of books and they just missed this one and it was sent out? Has anyone else seen anything like this? I bought it at my local barnes and noble so i might to go back and just ask to exchange the book although my partner thinks i should keep as a cool misprint thing which i might do, i don’t know. Also bc of the missing chunk i have not finished the book so please no spoilers lol.
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2021.10.20 01:30 hoodiniart Best waifuu~~

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2021.10.20 01:30 DrGonzo84 Just playing Mother 3 now :D wish I hadn't waited so long to try it simply an amazing game!

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2021.10.20 01:30 _knitzsche Engagement shoot pricing questions

We never got real engagement photos, so we booked a “family mini session” (aka not engagement photos per se, just ones of us as a couple) with a local photographer. It was $99 for 30 minutes of shooting, which I didn’t think was bad at all, so I booked it. He then sent me a link to his pricing info. Our main goal with the photos is to put them on our save-the-dates and wedding website, so we don’t want prints, only digital files. Here’s the thing—a single digital image costs $150! And for a full set (10-15) of digital files from the shoot he charges $850. This feels like a really high price for digital files from a 30 minute slot, am I crazy? Or is this normal?
ps the pricing for his prints seems really off too. An 8x10 (not canvas, just photo paper) is $75.
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2021.10.20 01:30 veratisio Ideas for improving the bare corner in my bedroom?

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2021.10.20 01:30 Entire_Parsnip_4073 Not that anyone asked, but this is my ideal of a contemporary Scream sequel

I'll spare this sub a novel-length fan fiction, but basically, I've always enjoyed the idea of a Scream film that took a cue from investigative thrillers and serial killer dramas. Imagine something that cut the difference movies like Urban Legend and Candyman (1992) and Se7en and Zodiac.
Just to be clear, I'm not imposing my biases and expectations onto what Scream (2022) should be, I'm just painting a picture of what my absolute ideal Scream would look like.
I really dig the idea of leaning into the premise that Ghostface has become an almost quaint pre-terrorism, pre-mass shooter, pre-gentrified, pre-soulless-reboot-culture urban legend, a relic of Generation X prosperity whispered about by podcast hosts, urban explorers, and horror YouTube hosts.
In this head-canon Woodsboro detectives are investigating a string of serial murders that are all connected to the infamous murders (journalists, amateur sleuths, urban explorers, live streamers, private investigators, ex-detectives and officers who were involved in the original case, and the sleazy proprietor of a local murder tour would be among the victims).
I'd like to see a much more personal perspective from two or three detectives investigating the killings. It wouldn't exactly be the first season of True Detective, but there would be this spooky, cozy atmosphere of spending late nights in forgotten basement archives, chatting with crusty old timers in dive bars, interviewing family members of past and current victims, and driving to desolate, remote locations (covered bridges, highway underpasses, abandoned buildings scheduled for demolition, rural pumpkin patches, etc.) punctuating everything with visceral dread.
Anyway, the murders would escalate and in a desperate attempt to stave of federal intervention the Woodsboro Police Department hire an extremely reluctant Sidney Prescott (who has up until now been living a quiet life in rural Connecticut under a changed name) as a kind of "technical consultant" to help minimize casualties and identify the killer's motive and patterns. This would be an organic lead-in for Dewey and Gale to reconnect with Sidney (I imagine they'd be staying with here in an undisclosed safe house) and become intimately involved in the murder mystery.
Running parallel to that would be an upcoming high school reunion for Sidney's graduating class. Sidney, who finally discusses the trauma of Tatum's death with Dewey, is very much feeling haunted by the specters of her youth (I imagine the subject was never truly dealt with emotionally). Various high school acquaintances, bullies, ex-meatheads, burnouts, and horrified onlookers and gawkers try to include Sidney in this reunion as a kind of "homecoming." For obvious reasons, Sidney refuses until she has a warm chat with her ex-English teacher (Robert Englund would be perfect in this role) who compliments Sid for her stoicism and defiant spirit urges her not to "let him win."
A high school reunion would be perfect for a contemporary Scream movie because not only would it be a neat self-aware, kind of goofy trope, it would be a fun way to see the adolescent horror genre return to it's archetypal roots (which have begun to grey). Middle-aged insurance analysts and dental hygienists would slip back into their high school skins as punks, jocks, stoners, film club geeks, and cheerleaders for a night of desperate Halloween debauchery (I very much imagine this organized as a disco in the gym).
Naturally shit would hit the fan and after the lights are cut, Sid (who has been separated from her armed guards) is pursued in a chase in the after hours atmosphere of her old school (this would be a great opportunity to show an eerie pool, gym, auditorium, library, storage basement, and other locations). This is where the detective and "core team" plots would come together.
And that's all I've got. Keep in mind, this is just a bare bones premise essentially devoid of fleshed out characters (or an established killer), but I like the feeling of it.
Honestly, for as much praise as Scream 4 gets, I thought it was severely lacking in a sense of atmosphere and strong visual direction (frankly, it was one of the least visually appealing movies I've ever seen). My interpretation of this world is built almost entirely on an atmosphere of dread and I'd really go hard with timeless autumnal aesthetics and creepy David Fincher-like settings.
Thematically, I'm so in love with this idea of Scream splitting itself between a grungy, visceral detective mystery and an almost cult-like urban legend mythos that strikes a balance between cheeky camp and palpable horror.
If you've made it this far, thanks for reading. I know this is rough, but Scream has been on my mind (as it always is on October evenings) and I wanted to share this half-baked idea.
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2021.10.20 01:30 Maine9424 How’s JBLM for an 88M ? How are the units there that mos ?

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2021.10.20 01:30 Awesome_Freebies FREE 1LB Bag of Nature’s Logic Distinction Dog Food (Coupon Offer)

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2021.10.20 01:30 frog_666_ worst vlogger

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2021.10.20 01:30 Few-Internet7248 What to do when you hit “rock bottom”

I always had the problem of self confidence and social anxiety. I accepted what people think about me and let them pushed me around. Growing up I had this sense of dullness and emptiness even from childhood. My parents were always working and weren’t present when I needed guidance; I do not hate them, I see that they tried but we just couldn’t connect intimately and we misunderstood each other, partly because they don’t speak English well and I didn’t really the effort to learn their tongue. I was raised by my grandmother briefly but she contracted Alzheimer’s and the symptoms really showed when I was in 5th grade I believe, my siblings were present as well but we’re assholes to one another. I used to have friends in high school that I relied upon in socialization but since we graduated and became physically far away, our connection dwindled and I became extremely lonely. I became even more lonely when my grandmother past away and four months later, my dog passed away from a tumor. Soon after I had a job where I used to be friends with an employee and I became co-dependent on her for my happiness. I soon became obsessive and resulting in a sudden termination from both my friendship and my job. Now I work at another place where it’s a bit sketch and I hate it. I feel like I really did hit rock bottom and quite frankly I feel stuck.
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2021.10.20 01:30 fizzycswag Remember When The Tankie Mods of TheRightCantMeme Did This Shit?

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2021.10.20 01:30 moringirl3 Second chances ????

Okay so when I was 18 I was really close with this guy, we were really good friends , talked all the time and were pretty flirty .. then said guy got back with his ex who was not a very good person. They broke up and got back together a lot, but after that we stopped talking. Now me 23 matches with him on tinder .. I was hoping he would make the first move because I had actually been thinking about him lately .. but so far nothing. Should I make the first move ?
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2021.10.20 01:30 fishteas e-liquid/vape juice in pod system turning black …

Okay.. so I purchased a Smok Acro somewhat recently, and normal salt nic juice. I am very much vaping on a budget, and have been using and refilling a single pod for about two months now. The burnt taste stopped bothering me a bit ago, and really it’s not that dramatic. I don’t really mind tbh, but recenrly I let the juice get low for a while, and when I looked at the cartridge, the little liquid left was very dark and a bit more viscous. I’ve since refilled it, but was wondering just how much of an issue you think that is? I plan on continuing to use this pod for a good bit longer 😅
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2021.10.20 01:30 erer1243 Currently, it's October 20, 2021 at 12:30AM

Currently, it's October 20, 2021 at 12:30AM
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2021.10.20 01:30 GhantChart People who sold girl scout cookies/Boy Scout popcorn, how did you maximize sales?

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2021.10.20 01:29 junedsumra13 Can someone please help me figure what this is about?? How to get rid of it?

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2021.10.20 01:29 jkof300 Who wins this trade?

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2021.10.20 01:29 coolthatsniceman Anyone have any inspiration on things i can do with my life

I really feel like nothing and have been for about 2 to 3 months now i try to make myself laugh and feel better but it doesn't work covid has gotten to me and i just don't knoe anymore and i might just kill myself but i'm not sure i really not good at anything i really don't aerve a purpose in my opinion
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2021.10.20 01:29 Whyqw What’s this picrew? I made some OCs on it a while ago and lost the link

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2021.10.20 01:29 deltamorning Is it necessary for catheterization during surgery?

Hey everyone! Just as the title asks, is it normal procedure for males to get a catheter or is it something you can request to opt out of? Considering surgery and thinking of a lot of random questions..
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2021.10.20 01:29 ToeLuxurious Toe grabs 💗

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2021.10.20 01:29 djidga0 I'm attracted to feminity, which mostly includes women, but also includes some men. How do I explore the latter?

I am sorry if this isn't the right place to post this, I'll post somewhere else if it's more appetite.
But I have for most of my life identified as straight, but I also feel like the same traits, both physical and personality wise are present in men, and non-binary peeps. I found I'm attracted to trans girls, then I found out I'm attracted to femboys. I don't know if the latter makes me bi but honestly I don't care about any label much.
I thought about downloading Grindr, but I thought I might not belong since I don't really know if I'll fit in or be accepted as a mostly straight person, and while like half of women my age I'm attracted to, it's like 2% of men.
What is your advice? Is there a good way to find guys that I might like, or should I just wait and see if anything pops up irl?
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2021.10.20 01:29 firematerial Personal Highest Kill Record I Think

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2021.10.20 01:29 slavi678 Pms_b

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