What's causing this discoloration on my peperomia ruby cascade? (Not 100% sure on ID)

2021.10.25 13:11 feral_houseplant What's causing this discoloration on my peperomia ruby cascade? (Not 100% sure on ID)

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2021.10.25 13:11 ToonAdventure What Are Your Thoughts About Nausicaä Being A Pacifist?

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2021.10.25 13:11 paulazanotelli [OC] Calyrex for Inktober

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2021.10.25 13:11 IamCentral46 Finally started binging VB with my partner and we finished Battle at Cremation Creek,....

and during the ceremony, she says "Man, the Monarch and Doc look so similar here...." i had to do all i could to bite my tongue.
Also, I think her favorite part is how many seemingly one-off and background characters return because she's made it into a game, seeing who she notices in the back ground and how long before a character reappears in the canon. Think i've found me a winner
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2021.10.25 13:11 Dave_Leonardo Зак, это пруфы на виновность Жирафа в терракте на выборах

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2021.10.25 13:11 silver_sean Want to earn some extra Crypto on the side? Check out this new game and start stacking extra Bitcoin/ETH for free today!

Check out the best play-to-earn crypto game on the market - Coin Hunt World
Coin Hunt World is a Pokemon GO like game where you earn crypto for finding keys and opening vaults. It also incorporates trivia questions which keeps it exciting. The game is very addicting - and you earn crypto (Bitcoin and ETH) in the process.
Honestly - This game is worth your time. I make roughly $20 a week minimum, just for walking my dog and answering some trivia questions. If you spend more time, you'll make even more.
You get payed out every Tuesday, so no concerns over whether you'll get your earnings or not.
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Starting recently, anyone from England can play! Start stacking extra sats and gwei today!
Feel free to ask me any questions on Reddit - I'm happy to help answer any questions you may have.
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2021.10.25 13:11 exzellenzzz Diesmal warte ich keine 6 Wochen!

Diesmal warte ich keine 6 Wochen!
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2021.10.25 13:11 r0ner Time to trade kittle?

16 man half ppr
Qb: Matt ryan, desaun?? Rb: aaron jones, henderson, michel, mack Wr: aj brown, ceedee lamb, keenan, kirk, quez watkins, Te: kittle, moreanu
View Poll
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2021.10.25 13:11 jobsinanywhere Facebook whistleblower document released, stocks under pressure

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2021.10.25 13:11 Lol_re I just got dumped

Well, not exactly dumped but I was talking to this girl yesterday and things went really great. She was flirting, I was flirting. She asked when we could go for a date. Fats forward to today, she texts me that she's is not really into long conversations and would like to keep things till hi/hello. She seemed fun. I can't take it anymore. This is a regular thing now. We talk, apparently have a gala time and then later i get 'dumped'. How do I stop this? I'm tired constant rejections.
Edit : Ik dumping isn't the right word. Maybe rejection or getting played is. But it makes me feel like shit and hate myself.
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2021.10.25 13:11 Chosen-Bearer-Of-Ash Added Bardoon, The Entire Colluseum Bug, The Crystal Guardians, and Beethoven’s 9th (by request) to The Many-Faced Monster

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2021.10.25 13:11 rougerover Is he genuinely busy?

I (41F) met a guy (42M) and got off to a promising start, he was very vocal about how much he liked me in the first couple of weeks/dates, texted regularly and was super respectful, and said he was looking for a relationship and settling down. He is the director of a big company and all of a sudden gets quite busy, but still makes time for date 3, though texting less that week and leaving me hanging on to the last minute before telling me if it was going ahead. When we met he did seem a bit overworked and I thought he was genuine enough. Weekend 4 comes and we’re both sick so we don’t meet. Weekend 5, he is not doing well trying to meet work deadlines and having to work the whole weekend. Though he manages to get home to see his parents for a couple hours, they live an hour away. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. Weekend 6 comes and I’m starting to feel insecure and double text to feel out the situation, though they were lighthearted texts overall. Thursday morning comes and I ask if he’s having a nicer week which he knows is really me asking what the plans are. He responds that he is stressed from not sleeping, unwell and still having to go into work, isn’t in the headspace to date anyone, writing ‘take care’ at the end of the message, which is basically a goodbye. Though when I pressed on and asked if this meant he didn’t wish to meet again, he responded ‘I’m just so swamped that I have time for nothing. I’m just not thinking clearly at the min…’ Does this mean he is having a genuinely rough time or that he is brushing me off? My guess is that it’s a mixture of both as he can’t deal with the pressure of having to meet me (which I must’ve put on him without realising) on top of work pressure. I’ve backed off now and not responded to his last text to give him space. The question is, how long do I leave it? Is it worth it? Bear I in mind that although we’ve still been texting, the last couple of weeks it has been me initiating contact.
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2021.10.25 13:11 Classic-Bowl-9940 Killbride sarcasm

I have learned to tolerate Killbride, i get his character now, and i even appreciate the tough love approach. But does he have to have a snarky sarcastic reply everytime...like 90 % of his lines are some snide sarcastic statement...like chill...some scenarios are serious or have sombre mood.
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2021.10.25 13:11 siljamarie Early period

I (23 F) have been on the pill for 4 years now and have never had issues with it - my period is extremely predictable on my placebo pills. I have 4 placebo pills in each pack and usually get my period after taking placebo pill 3-4. Currently I’m on my very first placebo pill and already noticed bleeding. I’m also not cramping at all yet, so this really took me by surprise. This is very unusual for me, and I can’t find any answers (most articles say that it’s normal to have irregular periods when you first start the pill, but I’ve been on it for years)! Has anyone experienced something similar? Looking for some advice and comfort before I freak out and convince myself it’s implantation bleeding - really hoping there’s another explanation for this!
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2021.10.25 13:11 shain_hulud Does God speak through negative signs?

Hi all. My wife and I have been trying to move for the past year, but it seems bad things keep happening to stop us — mostly medical or health related. Could these be God trying to get our attention and help us decide to not move? I think it’s a possibility but I want to know if there is precedent in Scripture. My wife is convinced it’s the Adversary trying to stop us and not God, since she doesn’t believe God would send negative signs to stop us, but would instead send a “positive sign” to stop us — and to be honest, I’m not even sure what that would look like, since it’s so much easier to see how something negative can stop someone in their tracks. We’ve been praying but can’t make heads or tails out of it. Some wisdom from Scripture or personal experience would be great. Thanks!
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2021.10.25 13:11 randikabeta11 Meri maa ek hindu randi hai.. 37 age ki jawan rand h 1 baccha hua h bas.. sali ke bade bade chucche aur Moti gand h.. mera baap bahar rehta to ghar me bas mai aur meri randi maa rehte.. kon mard meri MAA ko randi bana ke chodna chahta DM rpe abuse gangbang..

Meri maa ek hindu randi hai.. 37 age ki jawan rand h 1 baccha hua h bas.. sali ke bade bade chucche aur Moti gand h.. mera baap bahar rehta to ghar me bas mai aur meri randi maa rehte.. kon mard meri MAA ko randi bana ke chodna chahta DM rpe abuse gangbang.. submitted by randikabeta11 to IncestDesiFamily [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 13:11 joeviper25 Backpay question.

I opened up a claim in 2013 for knee injuries which were denied. I have several times since then disputed the claim and was denied twice more. I disputed once more in august 2020 and my claim was approved for 20%. The VA only gave me backpay from that august 2020 date. Shouldn’t I have received backpay from the original 2013 claim date?
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2021.10.25 13:11 Environmental-Dog113 Looking for garo plushies

I am looking for a garo plushie from the legend of Zelda series mainly from majoras mask or beyond if any and anyone know where I can find one
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2021.10.25 13:11 NTHG_ Question about upgrading my violin

Tl;dr -- how much difference is there in a good workshop violin vs a luthier-made violin for an amateur hobbyist player who's likely to stick with violin until my body doesn't allow it anymore, and is the price difference [USD 2500 vs 10000] worth it?
Context: So I've been having formal lessons coming to a year now. I've begun to try different violins at the local violin shop [run by a qualified luthier], and have begun to notice the limitations of my current student violin. Specifically, a very hollow sounding 'A' string [it's new but doesn't sustain unlike the G D E string], deteriorating clarity in higher positions, and gravity alone is not enough to draw out clean pianissimo notes. Also certain notes are especially harsh under my ear [eg B-flat on E string first position]. Overall, my current violin's sound is also less "meaty" compared to the shop's workshop violins, which have noticeably more substantial volume and thickness [complexity?] in their sound.
I have also heard my teacher's violin, made by professional luthier Andrian Andreev [anyone else here has experience with his instruments?]. I really like the warmth and clarity of its sound. My teacher has been using this violin for the longest time ever since he got it for professional performances and teaching [to the point that his tailpiece has discoloured]. So obviously it is of good quality.
I am looking at an upgrade in the near future, and am considering between the local workshop violin [USD 2600] vs commission a violin from above luthier [USD 10000 + 1 year waiting time]. Having been through the upgrading process with my guitars, I've learnt that it's probably better if I get an instrument of the highest quality that I can afford]. I hope to avoid "transitional upgrades" as the local music scene isn't big, hence it's pretty difficult to re-sell instruments >$1000.
I have a few considerations. First, while I can play and hear for myself the local workshop violins, commissioning a violin could go either way depending on what happens during the construction process that's beyond the luthier's control [eg I may end up with a very well-constructed violin that simply doesn't have a tone that I like eg too brilliant]. Second, if I had no other commitments, I'd gamble with the commissioning. However, due to family commitments [new house, new appliances, perhaps children soon], I find it slightly difficult to justify spending an extra $7500 for a luthier violin when it can probably equip my new house with half of the core appliances and furniture needed. I can afford the USD 10000 [either in instalments or one-time payment] as long as I'm still in my current job, but somehow it feels like I'm "wasting money" buying a fancy Lamborghini instead of an economic and sturdy Toyota that will do the same job.
Apart from violin jams and potentially some personal instagram videos in future, I do play violin accompaniment in church where I need to be heard over a mic-ed lead singer, whole choir and assembly, and 6-8 strumming guitars [we only have 2 violinists including myself]. In the largest annual event, 20 guitars and a choir+assembly of 200-300 pax. I'm also not excluding the possibility of small-scale performances with a few other amateuhobby musicians eg volunteering at homes, charity events, weddings, funerals in the not-so-near future.
So the question is, especially for those who are advanced players, do you think a good quality workshop violin would suffice for a lifelong learner of violin in my context? [I'm not sure if I'll ever get to the level of Bach unaccompanied or Paganini / Ysaye stuff by the time I die, I hope to at least touch the tip of these insane pieces though]. For those who have played both types of instruments, in your opinion, is the price difference a reasonable amount to pay?
Thanks for reading [and commenting]!
PS. I know the bow is an equally important part of the equation, but I think prices are relatively lower and I'm not too hesitant about upgrading to a better bow when I find one.
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2021.10.25 13:11 BelugaDinosaur What do Jenny and Sumit do all day??

The house is nasty, neither of them work, she hasn’t learned the language/customs…I can’t see them partying/drinking all day either.
Sumit admitted it’s not normal and he wants to eventually have a “normal” life where he goes to work everyday. I think a part of him wants to live with his parents bc he knows he lacks motivation and needs his mother to kick him in the ass and force him get a job. Man-child.
I literally can’t wrap my head around what they have to talk about spending that much time together. Also I agree with mother sumit that Jenny is useless and needs to use her brain.
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2021.10.25 13:11 iHaveAHeavyFlow Stage Fatalities

Which stages have stage fatalities on Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate?
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2021.10.25 13:11 Trick_Cellist6088 Heya cuties (F22)

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2021.10.25 13:11 Go-Tron_Ferret What pointless multi-player circle jerks do you recommend?

For people who like pointless multi-player circle jerks, but who despite themselves, are also at least somewhat interested in playing games with other people too?
Asking for a friend.
[OP found in /deletedboardgames, for transgressing whatever unknowable rules the mod.s are applying this week.]
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2021.10.25 13:11 crimescenecleaningla A1Stay offers Seattle Corporate Housing accommodation

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2021.10.25 13:11 caxorroloko Vocês perdem muito tempo na faculdade?

Eu faço faculdade de enfermagem em uma federal e puta que pariu, é incrível como a gente perde tempo com coisa fútil e mal organizada. Basicamente neste momento eu estou tendo estágio no hospital, porém nós, alunos, não fazemos nada de produtivo.
O grupo é de 5 alunos e no setor que nós estamos é um enfermeiro que fica por turno. Em alguns dias da semana, dependendo do profissional, o enfermeiro apenas faz o trabalho dele sem querer incentivar os alunos a acompanha-lo ou deixar o serviço nas nossas mãos para nós aprendermos na prática. A professora da faculdade que nos acompanha também não tem muito o que fazer.
Basicamente o estágio, lugar onde nós deveríamos aprender com a prática, simplesmente não funciona. O pior é que já tive um semestre anterior que aconteceu a mesma coisa e foi só perda de tempo. Além desse problema que acontece nos estágios, também tem alguns problemas envolvendo a grade curricular do curso.
Já tive uma aula onde passaram um fodendo filme. Caralho, eu pensei que nunca passaria por uma coisa dessas depois de ter saído de um colégio público fodido, mas aconteceu, e em uma federal ainda por cima. No dia seguinte nós tivemos que fazer algum comentário sobre o filme baseado em um artigo kkkkk.
Que arrependimento de ter entrado na faculdade. O pior de tudo é que eu nem sei o que eu realmente gosto. Só sei que eu deveria ter tentado outras coisas. Ainda falta um ano e meio para eu me formar e parece que não passa nunca.
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