FREE BITCOIN with Cool Valley Missouri Mayor

2021.10.25 15:00 AfroChronicles FREE BITCOIN with Cool Valley Missouri Mayor

Hey everyone, please consider watching the video I make videos about building wealth along with a winning mindset because I believe everyone deserves to be happy and free.
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2021.10.25 15:00 B4Signals B4 Signals

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2021.10.25 15:00 MrTimnus3 HERE SHE COMES FINALLY

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2021.10.25 15:00 RareWeeb Need help finding a manhwa

A young man accidentally receives an immortals memories and cultivates with them
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2021.10.25 15:00 Sad_Contract6548 Where do I get tickets for the Dallas show? Or the tickets in general

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2021.10.25 15:00 thepotatoinyourheart What horror movies do you think have the most diverse scares?

Just caught the House on Haunted Hill remake on AMC after not having seen it in years. God, I forgot how rich with scares that movie is. The director was really firing on all cylinders. It wasn’t all jump scares or gore scares or ghost scares…there was subtlety like a blood trail going up a wall and into the ceiling corner…or the erratic movements of the surgeon when viewed on security camera. It also does get in your face too- the bombardment chamber, the glass ceiling shattering, the vat of blood. You just never knew how you’d be scared next (RIP faceless security guard).
It got me thinking what other movies have such a wide variety of scares. For me, Grave Encounters, Hell House LLC, Aterrados, The Fourth Kind, and Sinister instantly come to mind. That most are haunted house films is interesting, perhaps this subgenre more than others really allows much more creativity/flexibility.
I figured I’d pose the question to you guys: what films do you think have some of the most diverse amount of scares in them? Where the director didn’t follow a formulaic all jump scares or all gore or all CGI, but served a plethora of ways to scare (subtle and overt).
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2021.10.25 15:00 Extreme_Mountain_999 Help for kids you tube video set up

Looking for mic camera etc for Xmas gift to help my 11 year old get set up for you tube vids, she’s mainly into minecraft and Gotcha stuff… I’m an old who has no clue on these things so figured I’d ask for help! Cheers
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2021.10.25 15:00 Aromatic-Diver275 So happy to be apart of this movement ?

Keep going up baby 👍‼️
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2021.10.25 15:00 sergeimedvedev I rarely drink coffee but when I do it's always dogecoffee ! 🐕😍

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2021.10.25 15:00 Stand-on-Toilet UcchiMoko: Tasting Ucchi's Ice Cream - by @misakiti200 on Twitter

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2021.10.25 15:00 post-news Rolling Stone Jan. 6 'Scoop' Erases Distinction Between Riot And Protest

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2021.10.25 15:00 Nateno24 [QUESTION] Good amp < 1000$

As the title says, I am in the market for an amp. I have a positive grid spark amp and it is good for playing in my bedroom, but it is hard to switch tones quickly and it sounds a bit muddy with some tones. I would like a good clean amp that I could add pedals to for distortion or effects. I don’t care if it is combo amp or cab+head, but it needs to be less than or just around 1000 dollars. I play classic rock, hard rock, and metal. Any recommendations?
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2021.10.25 15:00 rimmyt Preponing an exam?

Has anyone ever had this experience? I’m towards the end of my degree and my final exam has been preponed as my examiner had some last minute issues on the original date and I’ve been given less than 24 hours notice. Is this uniquely a medschool thing? I don’t even know if I should fight the system or whatever…medschool has kind of made me passive and made me just accept the struggle at this point.
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2021.10.25 15:00 jobsinanywhere Use of stimulants in older adults associated with higher risk for cardiovascular events in first month

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2021.10.25 15:00 PixieLayne420 Audit Congress 🤷🏻‍♀️

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2021.10.25 15:00 1Wi9ns8to4n Spouse has COVID, I'm supposed to just continue going to work until I feel sick or test positive?

That's how "the policy" was explained to me via phone. No quarantine. If I choose to quarantine, which I can do so, the days count against me. Puzzled that this seems different for DS, ASMs, Del Cor....
Anyone else have a different experience?
Just went to get tested and awaiting results before returning to work.
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2021.10.25 15:00 maxvideo127 Libertades en México. Capítulo 5, Libertad jurídica. DOCUMENTAL COMPLETO

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2021.10.25 15:00 TorsoMode001 Should I take a zombie home?

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2021.10.25 15:00 Rbst11 Trying to change up lunches for more energy and better health

Trying to save money and be a bit more healthy for lunch I always ate fast food in work and was wondering if I was to make a salad and have a banana and an apple with some nuts should that be enough energy to get through the day (I work in construction). I do find I’m tired half way through the day and this seems like the best option unless anyone has suggestions on what to have for lunch. I would basically be illiterate when it comes to nutrition don’t know enough about it so hopefully someone can help thank you.
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2021.10.25 15:00 pissywhiskey Mighty Morphing Power Rangers

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2021.10.25 15:00 CeruleanYoshi Saw doctor for follow up today

3 weeks post-pancreatitis. I legit haven't felt this good about a doctor appointment in ages. Once I got over the hurdle of being honest with her about my drinking, finally, it was such a relief.
Also my blood pressure is down (not down enough yet, but down!) and she is super onboard for me trying to get back into exercise and pick up yoga along with the other healthy coping mechanisms I listed. She gave me a list of support services in the area, and while she agrees with me that right now I don't seem to need any meds other than what I'm already on, she mentioned not to hesitate if that changes. For both anxiety and the drinking itself - she mentioned Antabuse which would not be my first choice if I did want meds to stay off but at least she's familiar with the idea that meds for alcohol issues exist. She was also very honest that she is not an addiction counselor - I appreciate doctors who know where their skills start and stop. I was also honest with her that right now I mostly feel great (other than tired, sporadic irritation/anxiety, normal quitting stuff) but I know that could change.
She asked some very very good questions about what kind of support I have in place, what kind of job I have (basically if it involves being around alcohol), what my home situation is like, and if I have family in the area (no) who support me (yes) and a few others. If I didn't know to ask myself those kinds of questions, I'm so glad she went through all of that.
Other than that she was very open that she thinks a lot of people have been struggling during the pandemic and she herself sometimes struggles with "maybe I should have another glass of wine." She also said from what I told her, though she doesn't want to downplay how much of an addiction it is, she feels like I'm on the right track and have a good shot as success if I keep with what I'm doing. That...meant a lot to hear. She feels like from what I told her I really did have my "Come to Jesus" moment and that just means so much coming from an outside neutral source.
Entirely luck I got a good doctor - I didn't know how to find a new one after moving cross country so I just went with a recommendation from a very nice nurse at an Urgent Care. But it's good to be reminded they exist. My old doctor back home was ok for some things but when my drinking came up he got super condescending and really only said I should go to AA. (Not knocking AA, just there's other options either alongside AA or instead of.)
I guess I'm posting this as another "I wish I'd been honest with my doctor sooner" and also "I wish I'd found a different doctor last time."
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2021.10.25 15:00 Ashgur Daily reminder: this subreddit HASN'T changed whatsoever. Content posted are still things asmon would react to if he was streaming.

The only difference is that asmon isn't streaming for now.
People claiming this subreddit isn't about asmon are all wrong.
It is about asmon, it still all about react content (channel5 for example) except asmon isn't there to see the top post because he ain't streaming.
When i saw comments/post like " it turned into shitting on WoW/Blizzard and praising FFXIV/Squareenix and not about asmon at this point "
Well... Where have you been all this time when asmon was streaming? Asmon reacted to every wowhead news, he also reacted to other streamer clip. (Hell, pyro got a huge boost when he reacted to his "epic gamer moment" yet he was nto releated to asmon whatsoever. Same for josh Strife hayes's video whoses growth is (solely?) thanks to asmon)
Memes about asmon failing in wow (ie, mailmuncher meta) or art about him has most often been made with the stream and expecting asmon to see them (as they deserved it). SO obviously when he ain't streaming: you mainly gets news, memes about what bad or good things are. And less original content who are purposefully designed to be react content for asmon.
Preach video will always be linked here; Channel5, As well as other content creator who stayed or left wow. (madseasonshow, bellular etc)
Everything is as usual, the only thing missing is the stream and content (memes, art) releated to his stream ... Because he ain't streaming (obviously)
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2021.10.25 15:00 extratgr [Recruiting] Sparto Lëgiøn | #CQ0V8YG | Level 17 | Crystal 1 CWL | TH12+ | Discord Mandatory

Sparto Legion

What we are looking for
Clan Link:
Discord Link:
Other opportunities:
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2021.10.25 15:00 ZoolShop Alien false alarm: ‘Extraterrestrial’ radio signals turn out to be human | Australia news

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2021.10.25 15:00 terminalbachelor Are they serious? That’s just socialized health care, which they’re so against

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