Putin’s Real Puppet – After Killing XL Pipeline, Biden Regime Imports Oil from Russia at an All-Time High

2022.01.22 21:06 DeleteleftistDBs Putin’s Real Puppet – After Killing XL Pipeline, Biden Regime Imports Oil from Russia at an All-Time High

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2022.01.22 21:06 anonymousjq I like got my Dad from daughter I got that's all I got

Buddhist is the waterfall in pool you jump in there and you all go in all Hue It Go 3
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say what he'll go somewhere going to pool so far me"
the show Lottery
the term foremilk refers to the milk at the beginning of a feeding
yeah i'm sorry i'm sorry
I drew are you world are you kids say it Siri
Play Mimi and animal fiber in
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2022.01.22 21:06 ModeratorForLeaks The first one is not ghosting, it’s straight-up abandonment

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2022.01.22 21:06 facebookgivesmeangst Experience with outdoor wheelchair platform lifts

Hello, we’re moving to a new rental home and expect we’ll need to procure a platform lift for my amputee teenager. Is there a company you recommend or one I should steer clear of?
Thank you
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2022.01.22 21:06 RikerActual :crown:

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2022.01.22 21:06 Spriy someone's skull being cut open to access the brain

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2022.01.22 21:06 Vellnerd Eastside or westside?

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2022.01.22 21:06 VeterinarianSorry751 This looks so amazing that I can't even express

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2022.01.22 21:06 502_M_Stone Burn1Coin [$280K market cap] [9 Months old]. High Times Magazine featured article on Burn1's Cannabis Reform NFT Launch, which Features Original Artwork and an Unreleased Snoop Dogg Track! "Greenlist" now open in Burn1 Discord!

"Greenlist" now open in Discord!

This January, Burn1 is partnering with The Weldon Project and the Black Comics Collective to release a hybrid NFT featuring a unique combination of art: A previously unreleased track entitled "Smokin' " written and performed by Snoop Dogg and an original portrait of Weldon Angelos, founder of The Weldon Project, painted by New York Times best-selling artist and comic book legend John Jennings.

The vast majority of the proceeds from the sale of this NFT will go to the nonprofit Weldon Project and Mission Green! For more information, please follow on Twitter and Instagram and join our Discord group!
A portion of secondary sales will be used for a massive buyback or burned!

About Burn1Coin
8 months old, Burn1Coin is an Ecosystem of Technologies Providing Financial Rocket Fuel for Cannabis Reform. Think of us as the technological Tom’s of cannabis. Our aim is to assist those that provide support to people and communities affected by cannabis-related issues.
Burn1Coin has a fully doxxed team comprised of professionals within Cannabis Industry, Education, Marketing and Beyond! Their goal is to support cannabis reform through each arm of their products. Check out what they’re doing and who they’re working with at https://burn1.today

🔥 Social Media Info 🔥
Telegram - https://t.me/Burn1Coin
Discord - (https://discord.gg/e9yskW6b)
Twitter - u/Burn1coin; u/Burn1ForJustice
TikTok - u/Burn1Coin
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/790599804898216/
Instagram - Burn1Coin; Burn1ForJustice
Website - https://www.burn1.today/ (https://www.burn1.today/)
Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/Burn1CoinOfficial/ (https://www.reddit.com/Burn1Coin/)
Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/c/Burn1CoinOfficialChannel
Contract - 0x31a9042dce0c13975d04d0e9758cb7b596f0dd43
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2022.01.22 21:06 CampOkKoolaid Sosa & his favorite milf

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2022.01.22 21:06 Genniveve180 Suck it up or change careers?

I am a bit burnt out looking for a career change but no clue what I want to do. I would like to know if you have suggestions on jobs that might pay $26/hr+ $50k+/yr in the Corridor or Remote for someone who has a bachelor degree but also social anxiety. Relocation is not an option. Please comment below and be kind.
View Poll
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2022.01.22 21:06 Boss2788 Soft cap vs. Hard cap

Sorry if this is a dumb question but all the resources ive seen are overly wordy and i dont want to misunderstand the definition.
What is soft cap vs. Hard cap in this game?
From what i can gather is soft cap essentially hitting max level on a character without dumping too many mats into them to increase their IP? With hardcap being a character you're funneling all your mats into to get max level and max IP?
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2022.01.22 21:06 OutsideAltruistic Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with my dwarf gourami? We have two tanks, his original was 20gal and he had a few harlequin rasboras and tetras as tank mates, wife moved him to my tank, 125g w severum and angels, I’m worried she’s infected my tank w finrot or hith.

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2022.01.22 21:06 Dj90409 Samantha

Just wanted to say that we need Samantha.
Charlotte is too blinded by change to tell Miranda straight up.
Carrie is too wrapped up in herself to risk losing a friend.
Samantha would tell Miranda “you haven’t had any in years, you would have fucked that subway sandwich if he rubbed against you, Che isn’t special”. She would put it in a non-judgmental yet funny way to show Miranda that this isn’t happenstance, it’s deprivation.
Maybe they’ll have Anthony do it
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2022.01.22 21:06 No_Acanthaceae_2324 Infiniti Q50 3.7 AWD vs Acura TL SH-AWD

I think I've narrowed my next car to these two choices, the TL would be a 2012 and up one. Which one would you guys choose and why?
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2022.01.22 21:06 DerGeher This park with junipers is really worth the visit. Walk with me in Fuhlsbüttel, Hamburg.

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2022.01.22 21:06 pinupdream I played with makeup today

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2022.01.22 21:06 AmmianusMarcellinus Shin Bet questions Technion PhD student over alleged contact with foreign agent

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2022.01.22 21:06 beatNick_ Imaginary Originality

The closest you can ever get to originality is in the errors, outliers, novelty detection, and so on as the distance — of your work — from the baseline grows, it is perceived to be more erroneous, but this is how a new region is crafted.
Well, as new as new can get given, it depends on being observable according to agreed-upon references, which thereby robs new of being original — it is not a true origin when it’s rooted in other concerns — because it depends on previously established work which in turn depended on previously established work until we reach the beginning of language — and knowledge really — which itself was as original as original can get given it depended on the environment that has been evolutionarily training us from our beginning: hence, our rate of development despite being sensibly incapable of capturing objectivity - reinforcement learning does not make for universal instrumentation; consequently, we’re consistently being retrained; thus we are not the measure of all things.
Now, all beginnings are but transitory — changeovers — given that a true beginning would have to start from nothing, which is impossible because this ‘nothing’ was something waiting to happen given it has the quality of allowing or making something start — to burden this: this ‘nothing’ has a quality which is something thereby making this ‘nothing’ something itself; consider nothing in terms of you having a zero-balance bank account, it has the mutability to become negative or positive, that’s something waiting to happen regardless of anything happening to it or you because by definition of balance it’s mutable. If this zero-balance was indeed nothing then you couldn’t add to or deduct from it, breaking the quality of balance, which would not make it a bank account — and then we can eliminate the possibility of nothing itself — out of respect for what nothing is which in itself is a violation because there is no is for nothing, such a presence or lack thereof would be something or a reference to something which in both cases makes it something; so nothing doesn’t exist nor non-exist, it’s unreferrable - the process of observation or elimination cannot account for nothing - not even a God could experience, understand, or judge nothing without having to encounter something — thus there is no such thing as a ‘true’ beginning, that is fictitious — welcome to infinity akin to laws of conservation; life is flux as it’s put — and so then is originality as well - welcome to — laws of conservation — plagiarism, as it’s put every utterance is plageristic: where did I get these words? Why can you understand any of these ideas? - We’re both relying on a foundation or various levels above it that don’t belong to either of us, and whoever crafted those levels relied on lower ones until others relied on the environment for the foundation.
If I make up ‘new’ words or ideas, then I have to use previous ones to distinguish them; otherwise, they’re empty or incomprehensible, and if they are indecipherable, then that may very well be even closer to originality — until someone estimates a discernible interpretation where discernible itself refers back to that foundation and anything on it — than erroneous is — given error refers to a distance from some baseline which makes it discernible — but then I would fail at the primary function of being human: creating for development given that time is a measure of change, thus let’s work for the sake of change rising otherwise we fall into retardation — perhaps you have a dangerous argument in favor of this? — where rising is enduring or overcoming challenges — advancement — without eliminating challenges as that would rob us of further advancement, which would be decadence waiting to happen: a life of ease that no one is entitled to as it’s put, for that would be to atrophy the virtue of life into the vice of idleness which is inactivity only gifted to the dead.
Ultimately, distancing your work — while withstanding the normative remarks from others about your ‘erroneous’ work seeking novelty, perhaps to even break boundaries, because you may very well not be crazy when it’s their overcommitment to baselines which further incapacitates the possibilities of human nature’s already impure judgment — closes in on this impossible to grasp imaginary originality.
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2022.01.22 21:06 Necessary_Syrup_3935 Someone rp as her?

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2022.01.22 21:06 Dustfingersstudent Paths of idios and egos (homebrew, revisement)

Tangentially related, the paths of idios and egos focus on understanding the basic moralities of right and property.
Idios (Common clans: gangrel, Ravnos, malkavian) (Related paths: path of Typhon, path of the beast)
The idiots believe that words and property are the most base evils, experience can only be shared through itself, words imply a singular and shallow understanding of reality that should be shattered, but actions are sacred as they naturally speak truth, so long as a correct reading is made.
sin lvl 1 Wasting time on words in place of action.
"Peace and war are never wrought by words, but rather by actions, the lowering or raising of weapons"
Sin lvl 2 Acting in a decieving manner
"Is it not enough that honesty be discarded for false relation, now you see fit to corrupt the only guarantee?
Sin lvl 3 Making a promise
"What's done is done, what is not remains to be decided"
Sin lvl 4 Upholding the law
"That we each take what we each need and can acquire is surely the only fairness"
Sin lvl 5 Imparting information via speech when other methods are available
"A picture is worth a thousand words"
Sin lvl 6 Creating or participating in any kind of policing
"What makes your verdict on the matters of other's so important?"
Sin lvl 7 Maintaining unnecessary conditions
"Leave the unnecessary for those in need,"
Sin lvl 8 Inferring control over the actions of another
"Slaves and servants are unnatural"
Sin lvl 9 Failing to educate the curious to the best of your ability
"When lies are smothering the soul a spark of truth could set the fabric a flame"
In combat The idios are terrifyingly decisive in combat, focusing on leaving the opponent alive when possible, but not to the point of personal danger, to cripple them might be cruel, but to kill them when there was no need is the marking of entitlement.
1 point Startling honesty Your unabashed directness is startling, any opponent who receives a level of lethal damage must succeed a courage DC equal to path lvl-rounds since beginning of combat or suffer a brief bout of röttschriek
2 point Predators mercy Leaving an opponent alive affects them with the first level blood bound effect for nights equal to your path lvl
3 point Primal barrage Your attacks are relentless, until a DC is failed, an attack can continue indefinitely for one blood point each success
4 point Meaningless distractions Whenever speaking to an opponent in combat, impose your charisma score in place of an opponents reflex score (low charisma intended)
5 point: Primal sacrifice Any time you would succeed a Dodge, you may instead choose to attack, dealing the damage back to the opponent.
Egos The egotists believe that all morality is built in the foundations of property and necessity. Trespassing and theft are high heresies among these cainites who have divided there sins into two categories. (In the matters of life or death the aggressor is considered to "wager there lives" against your own.) Re
Sin impolitic and sin politic refer to sins against oneself and sins against another respectively.
The first five sins are politic,
Sin lvl 1 Unnecessary theft
"We kindred are stronger than any human, yet you can find no use for your skills?"
Sin lvl 2 Unnecessary damage to property
"To each there own, do not tarnish the fruits of anothers labor"
Sin lvl 3 Cold blooded murder
"You took what was neither necessary nor wagered, the highest theft is the loss of ability"
Sin lvl 4 Crippling an opponent
"Better they died a swift death than be crushed under the stones of charity and debt"
Sin lvl 5 Exacting an unfair toll
"A kindreds worth is defined by his own perceptions, but vanity assumes too much"
Sin impolitic
Sin lvl 6 Competing with another on unfair terms
"Yeah yeah, your a vampire, don't go telling everyone, and don't go racing the eight fifteen..." (Smiling Jack)
Sin lvl 7 Failing to acquire or perform recompense for wrongs done
"By blood or by purchase, that all should pay is fairness"
Sin lvl 8 Accepting charity
"We are the few strong among these many weak and ignorant fools, charity is slothful poison."
Sin lvl 9 Refusing to consider a bargain
"There's always something to be gained in the thoughts and purses of other's."
In combat Sin impolitic and politic alike play part in the dance if combat, complimenting and furthering one another.
1 point Know the self Your self awareness allows you to expend a blood point in order to change a number of dice equal to wits in order to succeed a Frenzy roll
2 point Crest of hubris Any time you would intentionally limit yourself for the sake of fairness, add one die to the next attack.
3 point Price of property A double edged sword, when in Combat over something you perceive as property, begin "selling" it, your tantalizing words force an opponent to succeed a charisma+finance roll or suffer a derangement related to acquiring it.
4 point Suffer not the thief Any enemy that would steal during combat suffers a temporary fixation about it, worried of the consequences that come. The thief must roll courage until they have left your vicinity.
5 point Ironclad deal Opponents who choose to enter combat with you cannot escape the need to see it through, attempts to do so incur a frenzy roll equal to your dedication in this path.
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2022.01.22 21:06 Repulsive-Arm-2800 Best road bike tires?

Been doing some short 25mi trips around upstate NY. Want to work up to longer tours. I spend most of my time on tarmac, and on occasion I encounter some unkept roads. To all you bike tourists, what is the best tire option for me? I current am riding a thin 27” tire
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2022.01.22 21:06 Pure-Call-4927 When Davion slayed Jakiro

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2022.01.22 21:06 JewGuru Fuuuuck being a benzo junkie while also using methadone clinic

Pretty sure I’ve posted about this subject here recently with questions about drug tests n stuff but this post is just meant for me to bitch and moan
My conundrum is that if I use benzos, they cut my methadone dose and then I crave benzos and fent so I use more benzos to try to not relapse on the fent, and then when I get a UA it pops for benzos and then they either cut it more or just won’t let me increase my dose until my Urine is clear of benzos, which takes like a week and a half if I’m lucky.. I’m just too much of a fucking junkie to make this work… I need the methadone but I can’t even make it from the time I quit benzos to the time that it’s out of my system so I can increase my dose. I keep just using benzos again when i feel panic coming on and then sure enough get a drug test and then I’m back to square one.
I understand why the policies are the way they are I just wish I wasn’t the way I was lol I love benzos so god damn much. But methadone has straight up saved my life for real so there’s no way I’m going quit going and just do my benzos. I’m somehow not able to just do one or the other. Idk man. I’ll just stop ranting now
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2022.01.22 21:06 MoreCheesecake4442 Add naequality on Snapchat for hacks >> legit vendor

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