25th CD(s) of the collection! Easily the best unboxing experience of any CD I’ve got so far, and one that’s very apt what with this being one of the best solo albums ever made. So visceral, heartfelt, soulful, and beautiful. So happy to have it in CD goodness.

Real Estate Search Document Standards Fee Schedule Veteran ID's Contact Us. Search Records. Real Estate Search 1987 to Present; Geographical Indexes prior 1987. City Indexes; Village Indexes; Township Indexes; Subdivision Indexes; Condominium Indexes; Plats. Plat Search; Plat Conversion Book; Land Record Book; We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. One of Guilford’s most famous studies was the nine-dot puzzle. He challenged research subjects to connect all nine dots using just four straight lines without lifting their pencils from the page.

2022.01.22 20:48 CosmicOli 25th CD(s) of the collection! Easily the best unboxing experience of any CD I’ve got so far, and one that’s very apt what with this being one of the best solo albums ever made. So visceral, heartfelt, soulful, and beautiful. So happy to have it in CD goodness.

25th CD(s) of the collection! Easily the best unboxing experience of any CD I’ve got so far, and one that’s very apt what with this being one of the best solo albums ever made. So visceral, heartfelt, soulful, and beautiful. So happy to have it in CD goodness. submitted by CosmicOli to JohnLennon [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 20:48 ThrowRAmadrelation My (25m) ex-gf (22f) has given me a deadline to meet, otherwise she claims she would end her life

Wow, I started writing this thinking I would be able to shorten it as much as possible, but I’ve been sat here writing in my notes for about half an hour… sorry that it’s so long, I’ve tried to add as much detail as possible for the best advice. There’s a tl;dr at the end.
Me and my, let’s call her ex girlfriend, have been on and off for about 2 years now. We started long distance, and then I moved out to live with her for a few months, but after some quite big arguments and, let’s just say seeing some quite dodgy text messages, I decided to leave. When I told her to leave, she threatened her own life (by holding a knife to her throat) and said if I left she would end it. So of course, I stayed and tried to fix the relationship some more, but we still argued a lot and things weren’t working. In the end had to make the impossible decision of leaving while she was out, so as she could not threaten herself. I told her friend and mother what I was doing, and tried to make sure someone was there when she got home. I felt disgusted with myself.
A few things happened, but to cut a long story short, after a few days, she claimed that she was pregnant with my baby, and she found out because she had to go to the hospital after passing out when she came home to the empty house. I panicked like crazy, and obviously believed her as I didn’t think she would lie about something like that. I will admit I did have doubts though, as the timing was very strange (her period was just one or two weeks earlier), and the time that had elapsed was very short, but still I wanted to believe she wouldn’t lie about that.
Again, to cut a long story short, after about 4 months of thinking I was going to be a father, after a couple of baby scans and a video, I reverse image searched something she sent me, and found it on Pinterest posted about 2 years ago. It’s quite impossible to describe the feeling I had when I found out she was lying. Part of me was heartbroken, part of me was elated, part of me was confused, it was quite an intense feeling I’ve never felt before.
I calmly messaged her saying I knew what she had done, that I forgave her and understood why she did it, but that I didn’t think it was best for us to keep talking. I tried to block her on everything we spoke on, but for some reason, I couldn’t block her iPhone messenger. She started messaging on it, and at first I could ignore them and put it on silent, but once again, I saw she threatened her life. She had written a note and put it next to a picture of us, and said she loved me and went quiet. This sent me into panic mode, messaging her like crazy, calling her, saying we could still talk etc. but she wouldn’t answer anything. After about an hour of silence, she said she wanted to say how sorry she was, and wanted us to keep talking, so I agreed.
We talked more and more each day, and it slowly turned back into what we had before I moved to live with her. Anytime I tried to back away and try to keep her at arms distance kind of thing, she would pull on my heartstrings and kind of pull me closer to her. About 6 months ago I agreed to be with her again. It was really nice for a while, but then she started to ask more and more if I would come back to live with her, and when I would come back. I kept saying I wasn’t sure or I needed more time, but it seemed she was getting more desperate and making me feel more guilty and feeling like I should be with her. At one point, I agreed that I would come back, and tried to persuade myself I was ready for it, but then as time went on I still didn’t feel like doing it, so I had to tell her I wouldn’t come back, and she was heartbroken, I felt so terrible.
But again the same thing happened, we began talking a bit again, spoke more and more, and about 3 months ago, I said I would come back to visit her in May. She accepted this and said she was happy. A few weeks later, she asked if I would come back sooner. I tried to say no and that we already agreed on May, but then she was saying things like ‘maybe you’ll never come back, maybe you don’t love me as much as you say, why don’t you wanna come back sooner?’ So May turned into April. A few weeks later again, a similar thing happened, so April turned into March. At the same time, she also started to question what I meant by ‘visit’, and what was the point of just going for a few weeks, and why not live with her. She said something like ‘is living with me so hard?’ With cat eyes and her cute face. And now, about a month ago, a similar thing happened again, but this time with the added thing of she didn’t know how much more she could wait, as she had been waiting for about one and a half years for me to come back already.
So now that’s turned into the end of February. And she’s made me agree to tell my friends and family on Monday that I will be moving to be with her in the end of February, and wants me to have a visa and plane ticket ready by the end of the next week, so she can trust I would come back.
In this month, she has lied to me twice. One time (I should state before this that I’ve been sending her money to help pay for rent, as she is currently studying), she claimed she borrowed money off a loan shark as she didn’t want to bother me and needed to help send her mum money. She claimed they were threatening to kill her and that she was scared for her life. I was so worried and scared for her, but at the time didn’t have quite enough money and was trying to figure out where to get it. In the end I just went into my overdraft a little bit.
It turned out, she was actually just at a shisha/laughing gas place, and she had spent more money than she had, and so needed help to pay as they wouldn’t let her leave, and said they would take her phone as collateral. I was quite devastated, and said she had ruined our relationship by saying such things, but she managed to calm me down and talk about things through and in the end I forgave her.
The other time she lied (well she didn’t lie, she just didn’t tell me about it) she said her friend had told her she could get some easy money, just by sitting with some guy and speaking to him for a few hours (this is actually quite a common thing in some Asian countries so I do believe it would only ever have been talking). Apparently the guy started trying to touch her a bit, and she got uncomfortable and went to the toilet, but when she came back out, the guy had left without paying the bill or anything, so again I had to bail her out as she had no money to pay.
I’m sorry that these paragraphs are all over the place, I didn’t really know where to place them. But, conclusion is I have no idea what to do.
Part of me wants to go and work out there and live with her. From just these paragraphs, I’ve made her and our relationship sound like a nightmare, but almost all of the time, she is very sweet and kind and caring, and I couldn’t imagine life without her. She’s also incredibly funny and we can sometimes be on the phone for hours.
But another part of me is saying I can’t trust her, and that why should I be in a relationship and living with someone who I can’t trust 100%.
I’m also scared about leaving my friends and my family, as we are all quite close, and where I would move to, I know only her and one or two other people vaguely.
And lastly, what I’m most scared about, is her hurting herself, or hating herself. The other day, I tried to say how I feel I still can’t trust her completely and that I was thinking about delaying returning, and she was crying hysterically and at one point held a knife to her wrist. After a while, she calmed down, and was saying how stupid she was being and that she was sorry. But the worrying thing she said was like ‘ye, if I wanted to kill myself I wouldn’t do it with a knife anyway haha, I would just take loads of pills’, which she said in a kind of lighthearted but also kind of serious way. I told her she needs to stop threatening to kill or hurt herself, and she said ‘I only do it and feel like it when you hurt me like tonight, so just don’t hurt me and I won’t feel like that’.
I am utterly confused and lost in my head. Like I said, part of me really wants to try again and move there with her, but I think most of me wants to stay. I don’t want to lose her, but I think if I broke her heart again she would leave. I’m also scared to break her heart incase she does something to herself. I know it’s not my responsibility, but I would blame myself.
Tl;dr: On and off with girlfriend for about 2 years (used to live together now long distance). Many things have happened in relationship, including her threatening to kill herself and also lying about being pregnant. She wants me to prove I will return to her by the end of February by telling my friends and family about us Monday (she’s said if I don’t do this, she would kill herself by overdosing on painkillers), and also having a visa and plane ticket ready by the end of next week. I love and care about her so much, and do believe that we could be happy together, but part of me doesn’t trust her after everything that’s happened. Also, I would be moving about 10000 miles away from my close friends and family, which also worries me. I feel a lot of stress and pressure from her to be ready to come back and to tell my friends and family, and honestly feel like if I broke my promise and her heart again, she might do something bad. I don’t know what to do.
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2022.01.22 20:48 thesofaslug M'row belly petz pwease

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2022.01.22 20:48 PlenitudeOpulence She failed at parking her van in the worst way

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2022.01.22 20:48 bigizibiri Sony Soundbar HT-XF9000

I have a Sony Soundbar HT-XF9000 And even if I use night mode or the voice boost option, the voices are often so low compared to sound effects. It’s impossible to watch some stuff, because I can’t turn the sound too loud….. seeing as I have neighbours on the other side of the wall. I have a sony bravia tv, and I the content I have a problem with is either just normal channells, netflix, prime, disney+, dvds… everything really……Any advice to how to fix this? Or is my soundbar just crap?
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2022.01.22 20:48 PerformanceOwn6121 Nest taking much longer than old thermostat to heat

Before Christmas I changed out out house thermostat so that it could remotely be monitored as we were away.
Its a forced air unit that has a broiler for the heat, radiant flooring, hot water.
Connected: C-common W- heat Y- ac G- blower Rh- power * - humidifier solenoid
Its setup and everything seems to check out except when it heats it takes forever longer than the old thermostat. Seems like the first 0.5C heats fast then the circulator pump for the raid doesn't keep running and the system just runs forever.
Idk what it is as I've tested it and everything initially turns on and runs as expected with the fan, circulator pump and broiler all working together and then afterwards it just seems to blow air. Taking hours to heat the place.
I also have a nest of the basement radiant which seems to work perfectly fine.
Thoughts? I've seen things about power stealing from the nest although I have no clue it gets a good 30vac and battery is saying 3.94V
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2022.01.22 20:48 piccolowolf Me_irl

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2022.01.22 20:48 A_Tuna_Can Found on a video about the murder of Gabby Petito

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2022.01.22 20:48 M4NNY64 anyone ever seen this if so what does it mean

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2022.01.22 20:48 BedHeadBread Where can i buy a 2nd hand copy of the game?

Everywhere i look its sealed cib japanese copy for $800 because it comes with promo cards.
I just want the game for a price i can afford.
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2022.01.22 20:48 joaovrm76 Stone Ocean! AAAAAA

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2022.01.22 20:48 rockwilder77 Drying at 70-72F (21-22C) is my only option, unfortunately, so what RH% should I aim for?

Fan circulating air in a large closet without windows or vent so the temperature is what it will be. Using a hanging drying rack. Given the higher temperature, is the ideal RH still 60% or should it be something else?
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2022.01.22 20:48 herman2003 Hvorfor slitter redditører med orddeling?

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2022.01.22 20:48 Abashedbanjo138 ITAP of my neighbourhood

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2022.01.22 20:48 faurasakku 👍 Upvote pls👍

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2022.01.22 20:48 Lothair888 Kriza Borac Fireteam legal?

Hey guys, just need to double check before the game. I know it's expensive but is the following fireteam legal as a link of Hollowmen Core?
Kriza Borac HMG Hollowman Hacker Grenzer Sensor Perseus FTO Miranda Ashcroft.
I know it's crazy but considering using it in Panic Room scenario. I presume Kriza would be Burst 6, bs 19 and mimetism -3 in a good range band. And would have support for ccw in the room and templates.
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2022.01.22 20:48 Nerdskillz831 At least there is room for the back legs to stretch

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2022.01.22 20:48 freshripetomato Host for hire?

We're worried about our host. He's been overwhelmed with pain and he needed to rest so he went into a "coma". We thought we could handle as if we were him but we're overwhelmed to the top. We feel this pain don't belong to us and is strange to handle it. We understand TJ was a great host and so protective and caring, but we feel he overworked himself to death... We're really worried and in panic. The co-host Kate is also gone with him, they were very good friends. We're now a bunch of nonverbal creatures, a few that we can actually try to do something, a little and two persecutors. Kate just told us TJ is really badly ill and don't know what's gonna happen. We're asking for help because we don't know how to handle de pressure of masking what's going on so we don't throw all TJ's efforts to the trash. Our little is also crying, this is a mess. I'm Sara speaking, but it's really weird being in this body trying to be someone who I'm not. Any of you have gone to similar stuff? Can anyone help? There were some people that came to help but they're gone now without notice. It was weird. We faced deaths before but we really don't want TJ to die, I wish there were something we could do. Sorry, this probably looks like we're totally gone and crazy, maybe it's true. But what can we do...
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2022.01.22 20:48 ChurroChips Oh my god I misspelt Dean why did it come out as Deen WHY DID IT DO THAT I KNOW HOW TO SPELL DEAN-

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2022.01.22 20:48 Eastern_Evening_2160 5 Things You Must Do To Be Rich in 2022 (Not What You Think)

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2022.01.22 20:48 anonymous_euphoria Just...wow.

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2022.01.22 20:48 Natsuki_Subaru_ Which choice do you think makes the game more fun/interesting in the long term?

View Poll
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2022.01.22 20:48 WhyEatCookies Does Xbox 1914 Controller work on windows 11? Thx!

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