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Praise Todd Howard

2022.01.22 21:15 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2022.01.22 21:15 underprivlidged Now Playing - Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Ask me anything?

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2022.01.22 21:15 disapparate276 🤔

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2022.01.22 21:15 InfamyStudio First Post and Advice Needed!

I am an aspiring developer and currently studying at university in computer science. I am looking to work on a side project which will be somewhat of a ranking and probability bot. For example it will analyse all the history of players in the premiere league on all metrics, then by teams. I am looking for any information that would be useful in terms of what is an important metric in usually the outcome of a winneloser. This will help break down the usual metrics of this team has better players or has spent more money etc/better record.
I want to look more in depth at recent performances and compare player roles to roles, even take into account managers/coaches etc. I have been thinking about developing this as an open source project which could be tailored to any sport type, just needs to be fed input data!
If you have any information or interest in this project please let me know or post any advice below that could be helpful :)
Aim of the system is to look much more in depth at an upcoming fixture/match whatever it may be and drill down into more measurable stats which gives a better or higher degree chance of making winning bets but also eventually allowing the system to understand all bet types and be able to pick easy winners and possibly building ACCAS that would pay out a lot. I assume this is what works in reverse for actual bookies and allows them to set their metrics. So why not even the playing field?
Help me out and this will be a public usable tool!
Current plan is to develop this as a python application and eventually port it to web based application!
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2022.01.22 21:15 charliesfrown Can we take a moment to applaud the United Kingdom giving weapons to freedom fighters to prevent a ravenous imperialist neighbour partitioning their country based on dubious gerrymandered borders.

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2022.01.22 21:15 PrivatePickle109 I was such a messed up person

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2022.01.22 21:15 Slight-Swordfish3235 guys i

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2022.01.22 21:15 Tough_Usual7069 Anyone else hate themselves?

I would just like to say that if you struggle with insecurity like I do and want to gain confidence, there's a solution: the gym. Lifting weights has changed my life. I've always struggled with confidence issues, finding it hard to start conversations and make friends. I've always hated how small I am, and feelings of inadequacy and inferiority affected how I interacted with people. 2 months ago I decided to apply for a ymca membership. At first I was scared and self conscious, believing that everyone else was watching me and judging how skinny I was or how little I was lifting. But just know that like I came to realize, no one else really cares. Everyone else is focused on themselves, and they all know how it feels to first start working out. When I see someone new in the gym I have a respect for them for committing to something that definitely isn't easy. Like it did for me, working out can improve your mood. I've started treating my family better. I have also become more productive. If you're worried about the cost, a ymca membership for minors is only 18 dollars a month. If you want to gain confidence, I suggest finding a friend who works out and can give some pointers and a workout plan. Don't worry about the amount you're lifting, its ok to not use very much weight at first. Lifting smaller weights with good form will build muscle more efficiently than trying to lift more with bad form. Lifting with good form will gradually lead to heavier and heavier weights. I also suggest eating more and getting some solid sleep. Hardstyle music is also great for hyping you up. Trust me, you will see results. After 2 months of working out 4 to 5 times a week, I'm already beginning to see changes to my physical appearance. Maybe like me you'll dread it at first, but after a bit working out becomes a fun routine, a release. Trust me, its not as bad as you think it is, and if I can do it, you can too.
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2022.01.22 21:15 badgirl101042 [F] Happy Saturday y’all.(oc)

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2022.01.22 21:15 ross29t Not throwing out my jacket, but I think it’s an upgrade.

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2022.01.22 21:15 Bunny_Art_ I had two other players visit me and randomly give me 25 small guns bobble heads.

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2022.01.22 21:15 unknownecho123 Red

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2022.01.22 21:15 Iris666euphoira Anyone have a problem with keeping a religion

My family was Christian so naturally that’s the way I was raised , but for the last 3 years I have changed what I believed in a couple of different times just to get bored of it in about a month or couple weeks , I don’t know if it’s just me or not
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2022.01.22 21:15 Proud_Joke_4821 Stressing about college after seeing Cameron/Coolidge winners

I just went through the list of 2022 Cameron Impact Scholars (highly prestigious, full-tuition merit scholarship for undergrad, only 15 recipients nationwide) and everyone is so stacked: Successful non-profits and awards on awards on awards. At least 3 of them committed to Harvard already according to the bios, and if you run quick Google searches on the recipients, they've got insane media recognition and published research.
I also looked at some of the 2021 Coolidge Senators and Scholars (that's the only other merit-based full-tuition scholarship that I know of) and they seem super accomplished as well. Feeling pretty demoralized right now because if kids like these are in the RD pool I'm screwed lol. How am I supposed to stand a chance
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2022.01.22 21:15 Leftismisbased Cap

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2022.01.22 21:15 TravelIT24 Is there a decent probability I can get a 3rd shift US tech support remote job after I move temporarily to Asia for 6 momths

I have a few years of tech support experience in the US, but I'm going to be relocating to Asia for at least 6 months. An overnight tech support job here will be normal hours where I move.
Is it likely I can pull that off or not realisic? I am a US citizen. I'm guessing I would not mention to my company I'm in Asia and just use my US address if this can work out.
Also, I'm an avid traveler and understand restrictions at the moment. I can get in where I'm going.
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2022.01.22 21:15 Uncovered_Chocolate_ What About 147000% APY

I came across this website that Im using for 2 weeks now, invested 5k So far im 18% up.
Hope this will continue :)
Use my refferal code $chocolate when you register
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2022.01.22 21:15 Icy-Stock5397 Are the antibacterial mouthwashes (like Colgate Gum Health) safe for everyday use?

Or are they meant to be temporary? I've noticed my gums look a lot better since I started using these kinds of mouthwashes, but I don't know if they are safe for long-term, everyday use.
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2022.01.22 21:15 CabbarTheHot Soup is OP

It should spoil. Realistically, how could a meat soup ever last longer than smoked meat? I use soups all the time now and the game is broken level of easy for me. Please do something DEVS!
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2022.01.22 21:15 Fantastic_Coast6157 I want to be a good friend but..

I need advice.. my friend has been going through a rough time at home so I said she could stay with me and my fiancé. In the moment, whilst she was crying her eyes out, I said “you can stay here as long as you want, you’ll always have a home.” My friend has now mentioned staying here for a minimum of 8 months and now I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. I was trying to be a good friend and I love her to death but am I wrong for thinking 8 months is just a bit too long? I was too wrapped up in trying to be a good friend. I don’t know how to address this in a tactful, non-hurtful way. She doesn’t really have anywhere else to go but I don’t want her being here to put tension on my relationship…why do I feel so awful!
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2022.01.22 21:15 Kooky-Construction-4 Trabalhar 10hrs por dia 6 dias por semana é foda..

Trabalho de segunda a sábado, fico 4 horas só em transporte diariamente e sequer tenho tempo para estudar ou fazer qualquer outra coisa. Enfim, desumano.
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2022.01.22 21:15 ComradeStalin1020 Sitting down to Bobs stank meat diet. I need to lose 15 pounds by Monday, hope it works

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2022.01.22 21:15 markramsey AMC+ February 2022 Programming Announced

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2022.01.22 21:15 blossom- How do people feel about that line "TV is better than movies" these days?

I used to agree with this, because the internet kinda conditions us to prefer one thing to another thing instead of saying "Things can be different, I simply happen to prefer this other thing." I feel like the argument used to be, maybe still is, that TV allows for a lot deeper of a dive into characters due to the longer running time...
...but I have to wonder, is that objectively a good thing? While this works for some shows, would other shows be better served by being a limited mini series, for example? Or being a shorter episode as part of an anthology series like Black Mirror or American Horror Story? I suppose as I'm growing less and less patient with how long TV shows can be, even the best ones, I'm just wondering if there could be shows that are even tighter than what we're getting. We've gone from 22 episodes per season being a requirement, down to 13/10 episodes, and now I wonder if the British model of even shorter seasons could be the right idea. The Office UK lasted only two seasons and a special, for example. A total of around 14 episodes, I think, depending how you split them.
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2022.01.22 21:15 MonkeyMcQueen Dumpster diving

Last night there was a power outage. As a result, and to follow strict health protocols, many grocery stores around campus conpletely cleared/threw out entire sections of refrigerated goods. All kinds of drinks, yogurt, cheese, butter, cream cheese, kombucha, juices, fruit, meats, tofu, kimchi, etc etc.
If youre interested in getting bags and bags of goodies, let me know (DM) and we can meet up to get it. I've done this before and, trust me, its not at all as gross as it sounds.
Many thousands of pounds of perfectly good food going to waste because of strict health codes. Not good.
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