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I find it pathetic how many men are completely whipped by mediocre women

2022.01.22 20:50 Gilly-Hicks I find it pathetic how many men are completely whipped by mediocre women

Many of them attractive dudes, constantly performing “duties” for their wives and girlfriends so they don’t get in “trouble.” I’m like dude she is a bitch and not even attractive, why are you tied down to that loud, puffy thing that never shuts the fuck up??
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2022.01.22 20:50 CakeConscious7432 Trying this again

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2022.01.22 20:50 MiddleEuphoric Good evidence that contradicts the historicity of Jesus?

I would like to know if anyone can point me to reputable scholarship (peer-reviewed) that discredits or denies the historicity of Jesus.
Thank you!
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2022.01.22 20:50 TheRedProcess LF: Makuhita (BDSP)

Looking for Makuhita so I can evolve it into Hariyama, one of the pokemon I want on my team for my playthrough. I would like the ability Thick Fat, but wouldn't care if I recieved the other ones.
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2022.01.22 20:50 restlesssky How to make Cauliflower fry within 10 minutes | Easy and Tasty Recipes | Gobi fry Recipe

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2022.01.22 20:50 Sharonneke95 I just finished a Troika minizine featuring a surreal setting and a lot of tables.

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2022.01.22 20:50 GhostOfYourLibido Got gifted a whole ham, we cooked it, ate half and froze the other half, and boiled the bone for stock and froze it. I’m trying to meal plan for the month and need recipe ideas other than soup, potato hash and sandwiches. Any other ideas of what I can use cooked ham for?

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2022.01.22 20:50 sbashe5 Han and Chewie should have led the attack on the second Death Star.

I know, it changes a lot about the story, but i think it would have been cool for when the Death Star exploded to have Han give his “yahoo!” and Chewie to give a celebratory growl.
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2022.01.22 20:50 vapingpigeon94 When farting you are performing an “open sesame” to your butt cheeks

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2022.01.22 20:50 cloubouak Never anticipated how lonely this life would be.

So my husband pushed for me to be a sahm before our son was born. It made sense, he made enough to support us, and we wouldn't have to pay for childcare. I was hesitant, cause I've always been very independent and liked working and making my own money, although I didn't make enough to support us on my own. However I agreed, cause I felt like I was doing what was best for our family.
I never realized how lonely being a stay at home parent is. My husband works 12 hour days on 3rd shift so he's gone at night and sleeps all day which makes it even lonelier. Im starting to get really depressed, but I dont feel like it would do any good bringing it up to my husband because he thinks staying at home is easy. I keep up with all the cooking/cleaning and laundry because I feel like thats my job now and it helps me feel not quite as useless. But its only been 3 months and I already feel like I'm losing myself. I try to set aside time to myself everyday to workout or shower but thats only if the baby is sleeping or not being fussy. I love my son and I'm grateful for the opportunity to stay home with him, but my God I had no idea the mental toll it would take on me. I never thought I'd miss working but I already miss it so much.
Just wanted to rant, or see if anyone else can relate. My friends don't have kids and live kind of far away so it's hard for me to find someone who understands.
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2022.01.22 20:50 SWIMMlNG Found this shirt on eBay, official 2006 WS merch!

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2022.01.22 20:50 Killshot_Apocalypse Killshot Apocalypse 27

[Duelist – Lvl. 16.]
Trace Taylor stared at the biker standing before her. He had a black leather jacket with spikes jutting out of the shoulders, a shoulder-slung bag with the barrel of two rifles peeking out towards the sky, and an inconspicuous handle that created a flaming fucking whip.
It was utterly ridiculous. Trace thought it was completely and totally insane. However, Elizabeth Evergreen thought otherwise.
“Yo, he’s got that drip! That outfit is straight fire!”
“Liz, seriously?” The redhead turned to her best friend in disbelief.
The sable-tressed woman shrugged. “What? I think he looks cool. You think he looks cool, right Ken?”
“I have no comment,” Ken said from behind.
The skull on the biker’s helmet bore into the Precursors of Peace as he got to his feet. He snapped the handle into the air, and a thin string of flames whipped into existence.
What the hell is that?
[I am uncertain,] Ex said. [However, it appears to be some kind of magical weapon that creates a flaming whip when provided with vytal.]
And how the fuck did he get that?
[Probably a Dungeon.]
Oh, right.
Jackie and Nathan tensed as the biker edged forward. He had issued a challenge to them, and Trace wasn’t sure what would happen next. Were they going to battle it out here? Why was he even doing this?
Liz didn’t have any questions. Instead, she grinned. “I’ve got money on the biker. Sure, they’re around the same level. But that outfit is, like, a plus ten to intimidation or something.”
“First of all, intimidation is not a stat or a skill,” Trace said as she rolled her eyes. “Second of all, I don’t think you should be rooting for him, considering that he’s the one who robbed our home.”
“Wait, he is?”
“Probably? I mean, someone just looted all our rifles, and now this guy rolls up with a pair of rifles sticking out of his bag.”
“It could be a coincidence.” Liz didn’t look convinced.
Trace suppressed the urge to sigh. “Well, why don’t you just ask him?”
“Sure,” her best friend said and glanced at the biker. “Hey you!”
“I was being sarcastic—”
Where did you get those guns?”
The biker looked over at Liz dismissively. “I stole them. Why?”
She squinted at him. “And where did you steal them from?”
“Some shop called The Foreverblue Gun Range or some other dumb name like that,” he answered simply.
“I see.” Her voice lost its casual cadence, and she reached for her Obsidian Longsword.
“Erm, Liz? …” Trace glanced at her best friend with uncertainty.
The biker shook his head, cracking his fiery whip on the ground. “Now, if you’ll excuse me. I have some precursors to kill.”
“Wait, kill?” Nathan blinked. “Bro, not cool.”
Jacked backed up and raised her sledgehammer. “Nathan, are ya gonna keep standing there, or what? Call your dogs!”
“I left them back at the kennel!”
“You what?” She stared at him, aghast. “Do I haveta deal with this dude all by myself?”
“Yeah bro, you got this.” He stepped to the side and ushered her forward.
A terrible cackle— as in, forced, not intimidating— came from the biker as he slowly approached them. He took long, exaggerated steps as he snapped his whip around.
“Oh, both of you will get what’s coming for you,” he said in a threatening voice. “When I—”
“Ark!” The biker fell over, clutching the back of his head.
Trace blinked as Liz stood over him and raised an angry fist. The sable-tressed woman hauled him back to his feet and ripped his helmet off as he squeaked.
“W-wait, I have no quarrel with you, oddly-terrifying woman!” He struggled, kicking and pushing at Liz. She didn’t let go. Her furious gaze bore into him, and color vanished from his face. “I’m here to duel the Precursors!”
“You ransacked my home…” Liz caught his arm as he tried to swing his whip at her. Her death-grip crushed his forearm, forcing him to drop his weapon.
His eyes widened. “That was… not me?”
You fucking jerk!”
Liz struck him across the face, hard. His head snapped back and he fell unconscious to the ground with a heavy thud. Trace sighed as the onlookers gaped at that.
“Well, that was a thing,” the redhead said.
Ken quirked a brow. “Remind me never to get on her bad side.”
* * *
Someone alerted the police, and not long after, Veronica Vargas and her partner arrived on the scene.
“This man raided your home?” she asked Liz and Trace.
“Yeah. And he tried to attack those two idiots over there too.” The redhead gestured at Jackie and Nathan as they poked the unconscious man like a pair of curious children.
“I see. We’ll take him in for some questioning. Keep him locked up so he doesn’t stir up more trouble. But…” Veronica’s eyes darted over to the biker.
He was far less intimidating without his helmet. Middle-aged, balding, and a little bit too scrawny. The only thing that was even remotely intimidating about his entire appearance— besides looking like he lurked around playgrounds while pretending to be a parent— was the black dagger tattooed on his left cheek.
“I’m worried that he might not be alone,” she finished.
“What do you mean?” Liz placed her hands on her hips. “You think he’s part of a gang?”
“He is,” Ken said, stepping into the conversation.
Trace glanced over at him, raising a brow. “How do you know that?”
“That tattoo on his face… he’s part of the Onyx Lair Crew.”
“What kind of a cringe arse name is that?” she snorted.
“The Onyx Lair is the Dungeon which earned them their notoriety,” he explained. “They’re well-known amongst Dungeon delvers like us.”
Liz shrugged. “Never heard of them before.”
“I told you about them the last time we spoke, Liz.”
“Oh yeah, you did. I forgot.”
“They employ different tactics than other Dungeon delvers. They set up traps not for monsters, but for people. They invite new delvers to join their parties, only to betray and kill them in their sleep. All for loot and levels.”
Trace’s brows snapped together. “So, they’re a gang?”
“I’d rather call them bandits because of how they operate, but yes, they’re a gang of murderers and thieves and crooks. You’ve got to be careful too, since they’re all quite high-levelled. You caught him off guard, Liz— if you didn’t, he might’ve seriously hurt you.”
“That’s cap.” Liz crossed her arms.
“He was trying to attack the Precursors of Peace,” Veronica said, placing a hand on her chin. “Do you know why?”
“Not sure. Honestly, that’s all I know about them. I have been fortunate enough to avoid running into them until now. I’d rather not involve myself any further.” Ken shook his head apologetically. “If you want to know more, you’ll have to ask the Precursors of Peace yourself.”
“Thank you for your help.”
With that, Ken took his leave, and Veronica moved to interrogate Jackie and Nathan. As expected, the dumbass duo didn’t know shit.
“Ya expect us to know ‘bout these shmucks?” Jackie rolled her eyes.
“Bro, that’s such a lame name,” Nathan added from the side.
Trace muttered under her breath, “Coming from the both of you, that’s rich.”
“I know neither of you are part of the commune,” Veronica said. “However, if you guys see anything or hear anything about the Onyx Lair Crew, try and keep us informed please?”
“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Jackie waved a hand off as she left. Nathan followed, and it was just Trace, Liz, Veronica, and Jeremy with the unconscious biker.
They brought the man back to the police station at the centre of the commune. He woke up just as he was thrown into a cell reinforced by Veronica’s skill, so she began his interrogation then. Meanwhile, Liz was stopped at the lobby by Brandon.
His eyes widened as he saw her. “Liz? Is that you?”
“Oh my god, Brandon? It’s been so long!”
They shook hands, and Brandon grunted. “Woah, you’ve gotten strong since we last met. Is this because of your class, or have you been lifting weights?”
She laughed. “It’s my class. I’m a Swordsmaiden, so my strength is pretty high!”
Trace let them catch up, opting to finally take a look at the loot she acquired from the Dire Pits.
Alright, so I have hand tools, a potion base, some aetheric shards, and a couple of reinforced iron scraps.
[Affirmative], Ex said.
I see. She laid all the items on a table, inspecting them, toying with them. A few minutes passed, and she felt like it’d barely been a moment since she started figuring out what to do with them. The only reason she looked up to check the time was because a figure walked up to her.
Adair Russell greeted her with a nod. “Trace Taylor. I have been briefed on the situation by Jeremy. It appears that our commune is starting to garner a numerable sum of new, uncouth neighbours by the day.”
“Oh, mm?” she mumbled as she used a needle to pick at an aetheric shard. “Yeah, that’s annoying.”
“Are those aetheric shards, I see? Ah, you’ve obtained some trinkets to work with.” He peered over her shoulder at the glinting red stone.
“Mhm.” Trace polished the surface of the aetheric shard with one of the hand tools. “I’m using my craft.”
“Your craft?”
“Recently got it. I’m a Tinker now, I guess. I can make stuff. Don’t really know how, but I know things now.”
[It is due to the nature of your craft—]
“Didn’t ask for an explanation, Ex,” she said, scoffing.
“Ex?” Adair frowned.
“Oh, erm,”— she flushed—“that’s my AI.”
“Ah, a sort of pet name, then. I have not given RQ33 a designation such as that— perhaps I should.”
“Yeah. Anyways, thanks to a skill, Tinker’s Mind, I know exactly what to do with my hand tools now. If I combine a small aetheric shard with an iron scrap and just chip off the corner here—”
Trace stopped talking as she focused entirely on what she was doing. Adair silently watched her delicately carve the side of the metal.
“Done,” she finished.
“And what is this supposed to be?”
“An aetheric bullet.” The redhead held up the shimmering cylindrical-shaped piece of metal. “Or it’s supposed to be one. What do you think, Ex?”
[I cannot ascertain the quality of your work, Trace Taylor. You will have to test it out to determine whether it is usable.]
“And what if it blows up on me?”
[What if it does?] Ex said, uncaring.
“Oh, piss off.”
Adair stared at her as she held this conversation with her head. “You know, I am starting to question the sanity of your person, Trace Taylor. Talking with yourself is not something the layperson does.”
She rolled her eyes. “Don’t act like everyone doesn’t do it.”
He continued to stare at her.
“Wait, you do it too, right? I can’t be the only one who does that, right?” Trace furrowed her brows. “Hey, wait, you did it when you broke into—”
The door opened before she could finish, and Veronica entered the room. Adair quickly glanced over at her, speaking over Trace. “Ah, you’re back. How’d the interrogation go?”
The redhead scowled as Veronica answered, “Not well. In addition to everything Ken told us, I pretty much only learned his name and age. It’s Kay, by the way, and he’s thirty five years old.”
“Was that really it?” Trace blinked.
“That,” Veronica said, “and he keeps saying that Janus will save him. That Janus will make us pay for assaulting and kidnapping him.”
Liz leant back from where she sat, snickering. “That’s dumb. Cops can’t kidnap people.”
“Who the hell is Janus, anyways?” the redhead asked the glaring question.
“From what I can gather, Janus is probably the leader of the Onyx Lair Crew—” Veronica started before an explosion resounded from outside followed by rowdy shouts. She glanced out the window at the bikes circling the road as they spewed out smoke. “And… he’s here.”

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2022.01.22 20:50 CanadianW Can someone translate the meaning of "Tulopeli" and "Hiidet virvoja viritti" for me?

For reference: https://imslp.org/wiki/South_Ostrobothnian_Suite_No.2%2C_Op.20_(Kuula%2C_Toivo))
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2022.01.22 20:50 woejang Before the population boom

Before the population boom Just noting that there are currently 32.9k members in this subreddit as of jan 22, 3 days before the gates reopen.
how much do you guys reckon itll increase?
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2022.01.22 20:50 Bushidough IIL movies where people put their lives back together, WEWIL?

I like movies like Sunshine Cleaning, Sing Street, and Little Miss Sunshine, where the main characters life is or is going to shit and they decide to pick up the pieces and build something better.
Any suggestions besides the ones I listed?
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2022.01.22 20:50 Ok-Combination466 Druddigon on me rn adding 5

8795 3325 6459
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2022.01.22 20:50 dirrtyremixes DMC Producer Mixes - Pete Le Freq Vol. 1 (Nu Soul & Disco Remixes) (2022)

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2022.01.22 20:50 MuslimMagic71 It’s hard not knowing what my endgame is with weed

I don’t even want to quit forever, but I don’t know how long I want to take a break for. Definitely 1 month at least, but shorter breaks tend to only lower my tolerance, not change my habits. So how do I achieve genuine moderation? Is it only smoking at night, is it on weekends, or only as a reward when I’ve earned it? I did weekends for a semester, but it was clear to me that on the day I was allowed to smoke I was feening and thinking about weed all the time. To be fair, I switched to weekends cold turkey, so that could explain away some of the addictive thoughts. I think as I get older what works as moderation for me will become clearer, because smoking everyday since highschool has made me unable to control my weed intake. Like many have said here before, if I have weed I can’t stop myself from smoking it, and once I smoke I’ll repeatedly smoke until bed. I’ve done noticeable damage to my lungs, which I can tolerate to an extent but I recognize it’ll only get worse from here. I’m not sure I have the patience or motivation to take a six month - a year break to (hopefully) reset my habits; admittedly this could be my addicted side talking though. I don’t even think there’s a conclusion to this, rather this is me venting about a T-break being difficult. Day 1 started this morning for me, hope y’all are doing well too :)
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